10 Popular Beach Travel Destinations in India

If you are passionate about beaches then do not resist yourself from enjoying the amazing Indian Beaches which are best places worth visiting under the hot sun. The Indian peninsula is home to some of the beautiful beaches and sea-shores which attract a large number of tourists. The beautiful beaches of India are one of the major reasons behind the amazing growth of tourism in those areas and travelers from different parts of the world visit these beaches to enjoy a relaxing travel experience.

The travel beaches in India are considered to be an ideal beach holiday destination and help the travelers to enjoy the endless stretches of golden sand to palm-fringed coves.  The major beaches in India offer a tempting combination of sun, sand, sea, and surf which is too hard to resist for anyone who loves beaches and water sports adventures. The amazing climate and atmosphere the prevail in the beaches of India attracts a lot of foreign tourists and they love to lay down and enjoy an amazing sunbath.


There are almost 10 states or destinations which offer amazing travel beaches and here we will go through a rough outline of those 10 popular beach destinations in India.


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