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Top 5 Unexplored Travel Destinations in India

India is highly regarded as a spectacular tourist destination, famous for several famous sights that are worth watching. India is home to some of the most remarkable places, and at the same time, there are also travel locations that are still unknown to the great mass of visitors. These places are still untouched and less Read more about Top 5 Unexplored Travel Destinations in India[…]


Covid 19 Brings Indian Tourism Industry to a Standstill

As we all know, India is one of the most amazing travel destinations in the world, which is known for its diverse and unique travel attractions. People from different parts of the world visit India to explore its amazing geographical features, history, culture, food, language, religions, festivals etc. Since February 2020, the tourism  industry in Read more about Covid 19 Brings Indian Tourism Industry to a Standstill[…]


5 of the Most Breathtaking Hill Stations in India

The ideal way to escape the scorching summer heat in India is to go for a hill station and start enjoying the cool fresh air in the mountains. They are not just hill stations that are surrounded by picturesque landscapes, rather they also help you in getting a clear head in pleasant temperatures. Most of Read more about 5 of the Most Breathtaking Hill Stations in India[…]

Spend Holidays In India

Why Should You Spend Your Holidays In India?

Reasons which emphasize you to run towards India Routine work and busy schedule make you tired obviously. And in vacations, you want to spend your time which not just refresh your energy level but there as well where you enjoy yourself a lot. No matter where you live in the world and from which continent Read more about Why Should You Spend Your Holidays In India?[…]

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10 Popular and Amazing Off-Beat Travel Destinations in India

India is blessed with a varied and amazing list of travel attractions that has unique geographical features of their own and are popular among the travelers from across the world. If you travel from the North to the South and from West to the East of India, you will be able to see different travel Read more about 10 Popular and Amazing Off-Beat Travel Destinations in India[…]

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10 Amazing Monsoon Travel Destinations in India

The monsoon season in India is considered to be one of the best time for several places as it starts raining and brings respite from the scorching summer. The monsoon rain changes the geography of the major travel destinations in India as the rain effect make the places look more greener and beautiful. There are Read more about 10 Amazing Monsoon Travel Destinations in India[…]

Famous Hill Stations of India – Some Basic Facts

Hill Stations are among the first and  foremost attractions of tourism in India. They are located across the Himalayan  range (from North to North-East), Central India and in South India. High  mountain peaks, snowy hills, glaciers, meandering rivers and beautiful lakes,  lavish green valley covered with a large variety of flora and fauna and  off-course opportunities for all kind of adventures activities; are the key  features that make hill-tourism a satisfactory experience. Jammy and Kashmir, Uttarakhand,  Himachal Pradesh, States of North-East and Hills of South India cover the major  hill-stations. In J&K, Gulmarg, Patnitop, Pahalgam  and Ladakh Valley are the must visit places. Gulmarg is a cup shape valley, its  name means the ‘meadow of flowers’ and it is 56kms far from Srinagar.


Beach Tourism in India – Some Insights

India is a  famous tourist destination because of its enormous culture and heritage which  is admired throughout the world. It has  tremendous options for tourism. There  are hill-stations, temples, valleys, plains, wild life sanctuaries and  beaches. Beach tourism attracts a number  of travelers from all over the world and provides them a luminous occasion to  delight in sun, sand and surf tourism at their diverse scenic beach  destinations like Goa, Kerala, Andaman & Nicobar, etc. With  a beautiful pleasing view of major Indian travel beaches, one can recharge himself/herself  while touring with a lot of reminiscences that give the true spirit of the implausible  beauty of India. Tourists get pleasure  from life on the sea shores in India to catch waves bellow, gossips with the  nature and practicing the sports and enjoy the appetizing dishes that are actually  amazing. […]


10 Popular Beach Travel Destinations in India

If you are passionate about beaches then do not resist yourself from enjoying the amazing Indian Beaches which are best places worth visiting under the hot sun. The Indian peninsula is home to some of the beautiful beaches and sea-shores which attract a large number of tourists. The beautiful beaches of India are one of the major reasons behind the amazing growth of tourism in those areas and travelers from different parts of the world visit these beaches to enjoy a relaxing travel experience.

The travel beaches in India are considered to be an ideal beach holiday destination and help the travelers to enjoy the endless stretches of golden sand to palm-fringed coves.  The major beaches in India offer a tempting combination of sun, sand, sea, and surf which is too hard to resist for anyone who loves beaches and water sports adventures. The amazing climate and atmosphere the prevail in the beaches of India attracts a lot of foreign tourists and they love to lay down and enjoy an amazing sunbath.


There are almost 10 states or destinations which offer amazing travel beaches and here we will go through a rough outline of those 10 popular beach destinations in India.


Best Sightseeing Places In South India

South India is home to some of the amazing and best sightseeing places in South India due to its unique and varied landscape and geographical features. The hill stations, the plains, cities, beaches, historic monuments etc all make South India a perfect sightseeing travel destination in South India. If you are traveling to South India with your friends or family you will not find it difficult to enjoy your tour to the maximum as there are a lot of beautiful places to visit in South India. Here are some of the best sightseeing places in South India which I have picked in my personal opinions and I have left some major attractions which I have not done intentionally. Let us have a look at some of the beautiful places to view in South India.


5 Reasons You Should Travel to India

India is one of the top travel destinations in the world and is home to some of the most amazing places and travel destinations. The diverse culture, amazing beauty, the different language, different landscapes, different tradition etc all makes India a must to visit travel destination for all travelers. Tourism industry in India is growing at a rapid pace and peoples from different parts of the world visit India every year and those who have visited India once in their life time still hopes of visiting this country again and again.

There are many reasons why the traveler’s hopes of visiting India and the reasons differs in different travelers. But there are certain common points which can be listed out and here I would list out the 5 major reasons why one should travel to India and the given lists are not ultimate as there are still other points left which I will mention in this blog later. Hope you enjoy the read. […]

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