Patna Travel Information

Patna is the Capital city of Bihar and is the second largest city in East India. Patna holds huge historic importance and is also considered as the oldest inhabited places in the world. The city of Patna is situated on the banks of the famous river Ganges and holds the distinction of being the easiest place of starting a business as per the World Bank.

The historic importance of Patna has made is one of the major travel tour destination in East India and there are a large number of travel attractions and destinations in Patna. Apart from travel spots and destinations there are a good number of religious pilgrimage destinations spread across various places in Patna. The religious and pilgrimage travel destination include places that are closely related to Hindus, Buddhists and Jains.


Bihar and its Major Travel Destinations

Bihar  is an East Indian state and is the 12th largest state as far as geographical size is considered. Bihar is also holding the 3rd position in terms of population. Bihar holds a lot of cultural and historical value and was once a centre of power and learning in the ancient times. Some of the Read more about Bihar and its Major Travel Destinations[…]

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