20 Travel Activities and Things to do in Chikmagalur, Karnataka

Chikmagalur is one of the most serene hills stations in Karnataka and a perfect weekend getaway. The hill station is visited by travelers from different places and is well known for its scenic beauty and natural resources. Chikmagalur is sure to provide a perfect holiday trip for you with your family or friends. The forest, birds, animals, the uniquely hilly terrain, etc makes it a great vacation spot in Karnataka.

Chikmagalur also has various adventure spots where you can get involved in adventure activities. Located in the foothills of Mullayanagiri range, Chikmagalur has a cool climate throughout the year and this makes this place something special. Chikmagalur is one of the best places to relax your mind and body and stay away from the hectic urban life.

There are  a lot of travel activities that are possible in Chikmagalur and it might require several days to cover all these activities. But, you can still choose some travel activities based on your time and preference. Here, we will go through some major activities that are popular among travelers visiting Chikmagalur. So, here goes the travel activities and things to do in Chikmagalur.

  1. Mullayanagiri Trek
    Mullayanagiri is the highest peak in the Karnataka state of India and has a height of 6300 feet above sea level. It is very close to Chikmagalur and travelers really love to climb the Mullayanagiri Trek while the visit Chikmagalur. During the trek, you will indeed be fascinated with the lush green vegetation that is present in the Western Ghats. The sights of the hills that are covered with mist will provide a great treat for your eyes.
  2. Kudremukh Trek
    Kudremukh is the third highest mountain peak in Karnataka and is a special place for the tourists visiting Chikmagalur. Kudremukh peak is one of the best adventure destinations in Chikmagalur, Karnataka, and has an altitude of 6207 feet. You can enjoy an amazing trekking trail that helps you to view and explore some of the best natural beauties. The dense forest and the grassy meadow slopes of the misty hills of Kudremukh provides a great experience for adventure lovers.
  3. Camping
    Camping at Chikmagalur is something that most of the travelers are looking out for, while they visit this beautiful traveled destination in Karnakata. Chikmagalur offers a lot of opportunities for camping adventure activities as there are several places that are ideal for camping. There are several camping destinations in Chikmagalur and some of them include Hemavathi River, the slopes of Kyatanamakki Hill, etc. The camping at Chikmagalur will surely give you a lot of good memories to cherish for your lifetime, and you should not miss this opportunity while you are at Chikmagalur.
  4. River Rafting at Bhadra
    Bhadra river in Chikmagalur is popular among the tourists as an important river rafting destination in Karnataka. The river rafting adventure expedition in River Bhadra is something that is worth experiencing while you visit Chikmagalur. The river has almost a stretch of 8 kilometers that is considered ideal for river rafting. The volatile waters of river Bhadra provide an amazing rafting experience, and also helps you to explore more about the wildlife resources of Western Ghats.
  5. Walking through the Tea Plantations of Chikamagalur
    One of the most interesting activities that you can indulge while you are in Chikmagalur includes a walk through the tea plantations that will indeed refresh your mind and body. The freshness of the green tea leaves is something that you might not have experienced in your life before.  There will be a guide who will take you along the plantation and you will get the opportunity to get in touch with the locals who work in the tea plantation. You will also learn something about the methods and techniques that are being used in the tea plantation such as pruning, picking the tea leaves, drying it, and finally the processes that take place at the factory.
  6. Exploring Hebbe Falls
    Hebbe Falls is one of the most spectacular falls in Karnataka which is known for its natural beauty. It is situated in the midst of a coffee estate in Kemmangundi and the Hebbe waterfalls cascades from a height of 551 feet. The Hebbe Falls is basically divided into two stages such as Dodda Hebbe and Chikka Hebbe and this waterfall is one of the most prominent attractions of Chickmagalur. It is an ideal place to spend some quality time with your dear ones, and you will be able to refresh your mind and body in a better way. The waterfalls and its premises are something worth watching and is sure to give you some everlasting travel memories.
  7. Kayaking
    Chikmagalur has a lot of options for adventure activities and kayaking is one such activity which you can enjoy while you visit this travel destination in Karnataka. Kayaking is an adventure activity in Chikmagalur that is mostly preferred by youngsters and it is always fun-filled. Travelers from different parts of the world visit Chikmagalur to experience kayaking adventure. When you are at the kayaking destination in Chikmagalur, you will get a Kayak, oars that helps to row, and apart from these, you will be having one of the most memorable adventure activities of your life.
  8. Explore the Caves at Baba Budangiri
    Baba Budangiri is also known as the Chandra Drona Parvatha and is home to various high mountain rises. Baba Budangiri in Chikmagalur is named after the Muslim Saint Baba Budan and is considered to be one of the most enchanting tourist attractions in Chikmagalur. Baba Budangiri has several top peaks in Chikmagalur and Mullayanagiri is one of them. With an altitude of 1900 meters above the sea level, the Mullayanagiri peak is the highest in Baba Budangiri. Baba Budangiri is well known for the three caves in which the saints are buried. Various kinds of rituals and oracles are conducted at these caves and these caves are situated in a picturesque location. The caves at Baba Budangiri is one of the best places to spend your leisure time with family or friends and also holds a lot of religious importance. The Sri Guru Dattatreya Bababudanswammy’s Dargha is located at this place and is one of the most ancient dargahs which is visited by both Hindu and Mulsim communities.
  9. Walking around the coffee plantations
    It is not just the tea plantation that makes Chikmagalur unique, but also the amazing coffee plantations which are worth exploring. The travelers who reach Chikmagalur are always seen going through the deep wild coffee plantations, where they also get to see various animals and birds. Most of the wild animals and birds at Chikmagalur are found at the coffee plantations and you can also grab an opportunity to walk along with the coffee plantation along with a guide. This will help you get more insights into the process and various types of coffee plantations. If you are passionate about photography, then you can also take some mind-blowing pictures of the birds and animals that are present over here.
  10. Visiting Sharadamba Temple
    The Sharadamba Temple in Chikmagalur is another major attraction of this place and is a perfect example of the Dravidian style of architecture. The Sharadamba temple is considered to be built during the period of Adi Shankaracharya and it once had a deity image of the goddess that made out of sandalwood. The travelers visiting the place and the temple can see the amazing image of the Goddess which is made of polished granite and seated on a golden throne. There is also a huge hall which is supported by pillars that has some amazing carvings. This is one of the best places you can visit in Chikmagalur if you have an inclination towards ancient architecture and traditional values.
  11.  Enjoying Golf at Chikmagalur Golf Club
    The Chikmagalur Golf Club is a great place for those who are interested in golf. You can get into the Chikmagalur Golf Club if you get a guest pass or also if you get an invite from someone who is associated with the golf club. The Chikmagalur Golf Club has some of the best facilities and amenities. There is a bar and restaurant inside the golf club where you can chill it out with your friends or dear ones. The Chikmagalur Golf Club can give you a splendid vacation experience as it is cradled among the serene hills of Chikmagalur. If you manage to get an entry into the Chikmagalur Golf Club, it will pay the way for making a perfect weekend getaway.
  12. Off-Road Adventure Jeep Ride to Madugundi Falls and tBallalarayana Durga Fort
    The majority of the terrain in Chikmagalur is suitable for off-road adventure jeep ride and attracts a lot of tourists. The adventure jeep ride to the Madugundi Falls and the Ballalarayana Durga Fort is a popular activity for the tourists. The adventure jeep ride to the Jhari falls is also equally popular. The off road jeep ride will provide you the opportunity to enjoy some of the most scenic beauties of the Western Ghats. The misty hills and the slopy areas are sure to give you goosebumps while you enjoy your jeep ride. It is also a great opportunity to capture the beauty of nature in your camera as you move up the hill in the jeep.
  13. Adventure Jeep ride to Jhari falls
    The adventure jeep ride to the Jhari falls is also equally popular among the tourists visiting Chikmaglur. The jeep ride to the Jhare falls is considered to be one of the major activities in Chikmagalur, and it helps you to explore and enjoy the natural beauty of this place in a better way. The off-road jeep ride along the deep forest to the Jhari waterfalls will provide you with ample opportunity to view stunning sceneries. The waterfall at Jhari resembles milk due to the fast stream and due to this fact, Jhari waterfalls is also known as Buttermilk waterfall. The Jhari Waterfalls is located at a distance of 24 kms from Chikmagalur and is one of the must to visit destinations for tourists.
  14. Visiting Kalhatti Falls
    Chikmagalur is well known for its green forest and the mesmerizing hills with plantations where you can see various waterfalls and streams. One of the most important among them is the Kalhatti waterfalls and apart from a tourist spot, it is also considered to be a major religious spot. A lot of devotees can be seen at this place and they come from different places. When compared with the Hebbe waterfalls, the Kalhatti waterfalls is smalls, but it is sure to provide the tourist with some amazing scenic views. The Veerabhadra Temple at Kalhatti waterfalls is also worth visiting. The water at the Kalhatti waterfalls is enough to chill your mind and body and the place is considered to be one of the best places for enjoying your weekend with friends or family.
  15. Visiting the Coffee Museum
    When you visit Chikmagalur, you will be able to see a Coffee museum which is established by the Coffee Board of India. There is also an interesting fact about Coffee and Chikmagalur that we most often do not know. The fact is that Chikmagalur is the place where the first coffee plantations in India were planted, way back in the 18th century. The coffee museum at Chikmagalur is one of the best places for coffee lovers as they will get an opportunity to understand the labour and hard work that are present behind a finished coffee product. There are various sections inside the museum that makes the tourists understand the different process of making coffee. At the Coffee Galleria of the museum, you will be able to see the pictures of various coffee along with their extractions and other details. The laboratory at the museum will explain about the quality assurance and quality control behind the coffee processing. The Coffee museum at Chikmagalur is one of the best places to spend some time while you visit this place.
  16. Kemmangundi Peak Trek
    The Kemmangundi peak trek is a 20 km long trail which is ideal for serious trekkers and is one of the best activity that you can get involved in, while you visit Chikmagalur. The trek along the Kemmangundi peak is not an easy task as there are several steep climbs and edgy paths that can make life difficult.  But still trekking enthusiasts are seen taking the trek along the Kemmangundi and while they do, they will be able to walk through some amazing waterfalls, coffee estates, dense forests, meadows, and other natural resources. The Kemmangundi peak is considered to be one of the best adventure spots in Chikmagalur and helps in rejuvenating your mind and body to a great extend.
  17. Homestay at Chikmagalur
    Homestay at Chikmagalur is one of the most soothing experiences that you can have while visiting this marvelous travel destination in Karnataka. You will be able to enjoy the aroma of the coffee along with the stunning beauty of the mountains, while you opt for a home stay at Chikmagalur. Home stay at Chikmagalur is open for travelers from different parts of the world. You will be able to stay at a place that is surrounded by Ballalarayanadurga Hill in the background which makes it a perfect holiday experience. Apart from enjoying the natural beauty and aroma of the coffee, you will also be able to enjoy some mind-blowing local cuisines and dishes. You are sure to have a great weekend while you go for a homestay at Chikmagalur.
  18. Visit the Trails of Hoysala Temple
    The Hoysala Temple is situated on the way between Bangalore and Chikmagalur and is one of the calmest and peaceful locations. If you are planning to take a short break away from the hectic urban life, then the Hoysala Temple and its premises is the best place for it. The Hoysala temple is known for its amazing architecture and the temple at Belavadi is also something worth visiting. The Belavadi temple is a perfect example of Hoysala architecture and you will be able to see around 100 soapstone pillars in the main hall. You can also see three sanctums that are dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The idols of Narayana, Yoganarshimha, and Venugopala are other highlights of the temple.
  19. Explore Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary
    The Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary near Chikmagalur in Karnataka is a Project Tiger area and protected by the wildlife authorities. There are a lot of birds and animals at the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, along with a rich wealth of flora and fauna. The Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is located between the Shimoga and Chikmagalur district and is almost 35 km away from Chikmagalur. Tigers are the main attractions of this wildlife sanctuary and apart from tigers, you will also be able to view and explore around 250 species of birds. There are also various kinds of reptiles that are present at the Bhadra Wildlife sanctuary in Karnataka.
  20. Shopping
    Chikmagalur offers a unique shopping opportunity for travelers that come from different places. At Chikmagalur, you will be able to get various varieties of coffee beans, along with other fancy and antique goods. There are a lot of locally made goods that are worth purchasing and these items cannot be seen in other parts of India. There are a lot of projects that are quite unique to Chikmagalur and going shopping at this place is indeed a memorable experience.

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