Covid 19 Brings Indian Tourism Industry to a Standstill

As we all know, India is one of the most amazing travel destinations in the world, which is known for its diverse and unique travel attractions. People from different parts of the world visit India to explore its amazing geographical features, history, culture, food, language, religions, festivals etc.

Since February 2020, the tourism  industry in India was going as usual along with some ambiguity among the travellers on behalf of the the Covid 19 outbreak. But things were under control in India during that time and there were not much cases of Corona Virus attack in India. The tourism industry was going fine in India amid some tight screening and checking of the tourists coming from other countries, especially China. Most of the tourism destinations in India were decently flooded with the tourists and majority of the resorts, hotels and lodges were full.

But things really made a drastic change by the end of February 2020, when more reports of Covid 19 victims in India started surfacing on the media. Kerala was the first state to report Covid 19 case in January, but it was successfully able to suppress the outbreak and the initial 3 or 4 patients were kept under isolation to prevent spreading of the Corona Virus. After a few weeks in isolation, the patients in Kerala recovered and went back to their homes. And after that every thing looked calm till the last week of February.

From then onwards the number of Covid 19 victims in India started being reported from various states. The states that reported Covid 19 patients included the major tourism hubs such as Kerala, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, GoaPunjab, Karnataka, Telengana, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan,Uttarakhand, Sikkim etc. Due to the spread of Corona Virus in India, the Prime Minister of India has declared a complete lockdown in India from the 25th of March for 21 days. As of now, the lockdown will be valid till 15th of April 2020, but if things do not slow down, it might be extended.

So this sudden outbreak of Covid 19 in India, along with lockdowns in the major tourism destinations has forced the travellers to go back to their respective countries. Some of them even got stuck in India, as most of the airports have suspended their operations to other countries. At the same time, the majority of the Covid 19 victims were those who had foreign connections and there were also a good number of foreign citizens who were admitted after being found positive for Covid 19.

So all of a sudden, the tourism industry in India has come to a stand still and we have never ever expected such a situation in India. Even if things get better, we cannot expect the tourism Industry in India to be back in full flow before August-October. There will be restrictions for travellers coming from other countries, even if the Covid 19 issue is under control.

So till then, we cannot think of visiting India and till then we can have further research and study about the major travel destinations and attractions of India that we can visit once the Covid 19 issue is sorted out globally.


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