Bhojtal Lake – The Largest Man-Made Lake in India

The largest man-made lake in India

Bhojtal Lake is the largest lake in the land of lakes and has changed the course of history by dividing a city into two. The Bhojtal Lake in Bhopal has many fascinating stories to behold. Apart from providing drinking water to the city, the lake is also a landmark of Bhopal’s long history. Bhojtal Lake, is also known as the Upper Lake, offers a splendid view for all.


Bhopal is a beautiful city in Madhya Pradesh and is also known as the land of lakes. The place is rich with hundreds of lakes, that includes both natural and artificial ones. Though the city is still haunted by its history, the views of the city are still there. Bhopal tourism offers a great opportunity for travelers from across the world to get a splendid view of the lake.



Bhojtal Lake in Bhopal  is one of the largest man-made lakes in India. Drinking water for the people of Bhopal is an important part of their lives.

The lake with the city Bhojtal Lake is one of the popular tourist attractions of Bhopal. Raja Bhoja is the founder of the city of Bhopal. The king once tried a cure for a cure with a skin disease, but nothing came of it. Many doctors have tried many, but not one. Once, a monk came to a place where 365 Nourish Rivers merged with a dam to bathe in it and prophesy that his disease would be cured. Accordingly, they found a place to dam on the Betwa River, 32 km from Bhopal. But they could only find 359 rivers. Finally, the king’s commander discovered the mystery of the river that runs through the land and added it to these rivers. So the 365 rivers joined the dam.


Bhojtal Lake is the upper lake The Bhojtal Lake is formed as part of the collapse of the Colans River. In earlier times it was known as Upper Lake or Bada Talav. It was later renamed Raja Bhoja in 2001. It covers an area of 32 sq. Km.

The lake that grew the city
The city of Bhopal grew up around the lake. These people are very much in tune with this, faithfully and culturally. The city relies on Bhojtal even for drinking water. It is also a place where the idol is flown during festivals like Ganesha Chaturthi. In addition to this, the tomb of Shah Alisha Rahmatullah, a Sufi, is also located near the lake.

Kayaking and parasailing
Apart from the beauty of the lake, it also attracts tourists with its water sports. Led by the National Sailing School’s Boat Club, adventure lovers can enjoy kayaking, kayaking, rafting, water skiing, and parasailing. There are several types of boats that can be flown around the lake.

Wanvihar National Park

Another attraction of the place is the Vanvihar National Park, which is located in the southwest of the Bhojtal Lake. Because of its proximity to the lake, the place is rich in biodiversity. The park was established in 1983. It covers an area of 4.45 sq km.

How to reach
The city of Bhopal has grown up around this lake. The lake is located in the western part of the city. It is situated at a distance of 11.2 km from the city of Bhopal.


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