Kumarakom – The Best Sightseeing Destination in Kerala

The sleepy little village of Kumarakom is situated by the side of the famous Vembanad lake in Kerala.  If you have an appetite towards exploring the flora, boating, exotic sightseeing, and fishing, then Kumarakom is the best place for you. The amazing beauty of Kumarakom mainly comes from the tranquil backwaters, which is the real hallmark of this backwater destination in Kerala.  This calm backwater destination in Kerala attracts travellers from all parts of the world and is one of the best place to chill out with your friends or family. The serene beauty and calmness of this backwater destination in Kerala, really helps you to shed the stress and tension of your daily busy life.

Kumarakom Tourism, Kerala

Kumarakom Tourism, Kerala


Kumarakom Bird Santuary

Laced with numerous canals, the Kumarakom backwaters also has a special attraction for the travellers in the form of a bird sanctuary. The Kumarakom bird sanctuary is home to a various number of bird species such as Egrets,  Herons,  Waterfowls, Teals, Darters, Cuckoo and Wild Ducks. The Kumarakom bird sanctuary is also home to the migratory birds such as the Siberian Stork, which visit this bird sanctuary in flocks and that will be an amazing sight for the travellers. If you are passionate about bird watching, then it will be better if you can visit the Kumarakom bird sanctuary when these birds are present at the sanctuary.

Enjoying an houseboat trip along the Vembanad lake in Kumarakom is another activity that you can indulge in while you are visiting this place. There are many houseboats available for you to enjoy your trip and the houseboat trip in Kumarakam backwaters will really provide you with a fascinating sightseeing opportunity of the backwaters as well as the villages surrounding it. The calm and serene villages lying around the tranquil backwaters of the Vembanad lake will really soothe your tense mind and body to a greater extend.

Kumarakom Snake Boat Race

The Kumarakom boat race is one of the major fairs and festivals of this place and this boat race attracts a large number of tourists as well as the locals. During this boat race festival, you can enjoy the snake boat (Chundanvallam) race, which involves the competition of snake boats from different places and these boats are rowed by various oarsmen. The snake boat race in Kumarakom is organized during the months between August-September every month and if you are interesting in enjoying this boat race in Kumarakom, you can plan your trip accordingly.

Best Time to Visit Kumarakom Backwaters

Kumarakom is able to maintain a charming climate throughout the year and this makes it easier for the tourist to visit this place at any time of the year. During the summer season, Kumrakaom and the Vembanad lake are less crowded as there will be an increase in the overall temperature. So this time can be utilized to explore the beauty of Kumarakom much better.

During the monsoon season, the Vembanad lake and Kumarakom becomes more beautiful, due to the heavy pouring rain water. The peak tourism period at  Kumarakom is between the months of September to March when there is less rain and the climate is also very cool.

Kumarakom HouseBoat

Kumarakom HouseBoat

Shopping in Kumarakom


You can also enjoy a pretty decent shopping experience in Kumarakom and you can try some traditional handcrafted merchandise, that are available in Kuramakom. You can also try other traditional shopping items such as silk sarees, wood carvings, camel-bone carvings, hand-made jewelry, metal- ware,  Kathakali masks, embroidered screw-pine mats, grass mats and other different kinds of antique items. There are special antique shops that are present in Kumarakom that helps you to get some vintage shopping items such as old telephones, coins, glazed china jars, gramophones, vintage door latches,  special bell-metal vessels, weighing balances, carved pillars, wooden panels etc.

Reaching Kumarakom

The airport at Kochi is just  70 km away and Kochi is well connected to Kumarakom by bus and rail. The nearest rail head is at Kottayam which is 16 km away and from Kottayam, you can hire a taxi or any other local transport system to reach Kumarakom. Kumarakom is well connected to the other major cities in Kerala through road network, making this place easily accessible for the tourists.

Accommodation in Kumarakom

There are many resorts, lodges and hotels in Kumarakom, that provides top class accommodation facilities for the tourists coming from different parts of the world. Below given are some of the major accommodation facilities available in Kumarakom.

Cocobay Resort
Phone: 423-2443904 2443580-82 2440978-83
Lakshmi Hotel & Resorts
Phone: 481-2523313
Sylvania Tourist Enclave Homestay
Mozhicheril (House)
Kavanattinkara, Near 315 Co-Operative Bank Bus Stop
Phone: 481-2524062 2524061, 9745166911, 9446756060, 9447456911
Saro Lake County
1/392, Bankpady
Phone: 481-2523777, 7736002377
Ashirwad Heritage Resorts
Ward No.2
Phone: 481-2527100, 8943334605
Kumarakom Lake Resort
Phone: 481-2524900 2524501, 2524987
Club Mahindra Kumarakom
Near Chakrampady Bus Stand
Kumarakom North
Phone: 481-2525826 2525638

Taj Kumarakom Resort & Spa
1/404, Kavanattinkara
481-2525711 2525716

Meenakshi Homestay
Near Bird Sanctuary
Phone: 9447358356, 9497226048, 8075380269
Srees Tours
Vaithara Building, Room No. 290
Near Govt. Boat Jetty, Kumarakom
Phone: 481-2523935 2523937
Phone: 9447797564, 8129497390
Kumarakom Pearlspot Resort
Cheepunkal P.O
Phone: 9061234528, 9061234529
Coconut Lagoon
Phone: 481-2528200 484-4261711
Coconut Lagoon Ayurvedic Centre
Phone: 481-2525834-36 2523572-74
The Manor Backwater Resort
Phone: 481-2526328 2526329, 2526330, 2526331
Tharavadu Heritage Home
Govt. Boat Jetty
Phone: 481-2525230
9447152447, 9446503632
Royal Riviera Hotels & Resorts
Cheepunkal P. O.
Phone: 481-2526702 2526703
9562736000, 9562626000 , 9599965690
Eastend Lakesong
Ammankari Road
Phone: 481-2526300
Maya Spa
The Zuri Kumarakom Kerala Resort and Spa, V 235 A1 to A54
Phone: 481-2527272 2527207, 2527282

Park Regis Aveda Kumarakom
V/240 A, Amankari Road
Phone: 481-2525500
9072845000, 9847474220

Brookside Heritage Homestay
Kaniamparambil House, Ummacheril Road
Phone: 481-2524432
9447356139, 9207736139
Edassery Kayal Resort
Ward # 09, Block#12, Near Nasrath Church, Kumarakom South
Phone: 481-2453762
Green Fields
Cheepungal P. O.
Phone: 481-2523222 2523444, 2523994
Phone: Dubai Hotel
Opposite St. Johns Attamangalam Church
481-2525821 2525150, 2523511
Ammankari Road
Phone: 481-2526300
8075378189, 9446004811
Kodianthara Heritage Home
Behind St. John Knanaya Church
Phone: 481-2524314
9495333849, 9497663128

The Zuri Kumarakom, Kerala Resort & Spa
V 235 A1 to A54
Karottukayal, Kumarakom
Phone: 481-2527272 2527282
Vedasparsh Ayurveda Center
Backwater Ripples Pvt. Ltd.
Nazerath Church Road
Phone: 481-2565404 2563404, 2523600, 2523300, 2566404
Backwater Ripples Pvt. Ltd.
Nazerath Church Road
Phone: 481-2523600 2523300
9447756700, 9446015404
Back Water Ripples
Kumarakom, Kottayam District
Phone: 481-2523600 2523300

Karma Chakra
Near Nazreth Church
Phone: 481- 2526252 2526253
Paradise Resorts
Near Nazreth Church
Kumarakom South P. O.
Phone: 481-2524721 2524983
9745000498, 8088140150
ILLIKKALAM Lakeside Cottages
New Nazareth Road, Kumarakom
Phone: 481-2524234 9495735152
Waterscapes (KTDC)
KTDC Backwater Resort
Kumarakom North
Phone: 481-2525861 2524258, 2527650, 2525862
9400008621, 9400008622, 9400008620
Coconut Creek Farm & Home Stay
New Nazareth Church Road
Phone: 481-2524203
9895729278, 9447320261
Abad Whispering Palms
Nazareth Church Road
Phone: 481-2523819 2523824
Abad Hotels & Resorts
New Nazarath Road
Phone: -2523819 484 4144000, 2381122
Shanthitheeram Resort
Phone: 478-2583379 2582295
Phone: 9495086751

Orchid Lake View
Phone: 9633200142, 9447718663, 8086302786, 9447281961
Love Dale Lakeside Homestay
Pulikkalchirayil Varanam P.O. Puthenangady
Phone: 478-2584418
Ashatheeram A Luxury Serviced Villa
Pulikan Chira
Varanam P. O., Cherthala
Phone: 9495978888
Lemon Tree Vembanad Lake Resort
Janasakthi Road
Phone: 478-2861970
Kannankara P.O.
Phone: 478-2582018
9003031955, 9847201309
The World Backwaters
Phone: 478-2583939 2584391

Purity at Lake Vembanad
East of Muhamma Police Station
Phone: 478-2582794 2868762
Backwater Retreat
Near Pulikuttissery Bridge
Phone: 481-2518866 2303972
9497089361, 9349526615
Philipkutty’s Farm
Ambika Market P. O.
Phone: 4829-275130 276530
9895075130, 9847805528
Backwater Heritage
Pulikuttissey P. O.
Phone: 481-2516375
GK's River View Home Stay
Thekkekaryil Pulikkuttysseri P.O.
Phone: 481-2597527
Deshadan Backwater Resort
Poojaveli Temple Road
Phone: 478-2584055 2321518

Kuttickatil Gardens Homestay
North-east Kumarakom
Arpookara West P O
Phone: 9495579316 , 9495188842
Lake Vechoor Villas
Near Thanneermukkom Bund
Vaikom, Ambika Mkt P.O.
Phone: 9818457417, 9810132143, 7510791139
Vembanad House
Puthen Kayal
Muhamma P.O.
Phone: 478-2868696
9895061561, 9441731333
Parijatham Homestay
Kattathara, Peedikaparambil Building
Kanjiram Jetty Road, Near Kumarakom
Phone: 9495850896, 8848806608
Illom Ayurveda Heritage
Pallipattu Illom
Phone: 478-2582526
9895443112, 9037043112
Suvasam Lake Resort (KTDC)
Phone: 478-2584218
9400008644, 9400008645, 9447282098
Akkara Ayurveda Center
Akkara House
Mariathuruthu P.O.
Phone: 9447197512, 9497087341, 9446275475

BiphaLife Hospital and Research Centre
Cheriappally Building
Phone: 481-2566588

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