Iruppu Waterfalls – A Perfect Picnic Spot in Brahmagiri, Coorg

Looking to settle and calm your life from your hectic daily jobs and work pressures? Then, surely you might be looking for a calm and serene place where you can blend with the nature and shed off the unwanted stress and tensions. If you are in Bangalore or Coorg in Karnataka, you will not find a much better place than the Iruppu waterfalls to calm your mind.

The Iruppu Waterfalls in Brahmagiri, Coorg is one of the most serene and a perfect picnic travel spot in Karnataka to spend your time with friends and family. The calm and picturesque location will help you to refresh your mind and get rid of your tensions at your job or busy life.

Iruppu Waterfalls Brahmagiri

Iruppu waterfalls in Koorg is a pretty nice waterfall that can be accessed by a steep climb of stairs and rocks. The uneven pathway and stairs makes the climb difficult and hence this place is not highly recommended for the elders. Even people from other countries are also seen exploring this water fall and its serene beauty.

Iruppu falls is indeed a picturesque waterfall in South Karnataka that cascades along the Brahmagiri Mountain Range. The Iruppu waterfalls is also known as the Lakshmana Tirtha Falls, and this name is derived from the tributary of Cauvery River which has the same name and of which these falls are a part of.

Things to Do and Sights to See at Iruppu Waterfalls

The pretty long path over the hilly terrain and numerous steps finally takes you to the view point of the Iruppu waterfalls. The charge for enjoying the trek that leads to the Iruppu waterfalls is Rs 50 per person.

The water stream over here falls in steps from the height and finally reaches down to start the river. The view point at the Iruppu waterfalls in Karnataka is located at the right place so as to get a clear view of the waterfalls. The Iruppu waterfalls is quite far from Coorg and hence you will have to spend some time before reaching this beautiful waterfall in Karnataka.

Travellers can be seen mainly during the weekends and this place is still untouched by the heavy tourist crowds and this is what makes this place much more special. The trek from the entrance to the falls is around 2 kms. People visits the Iruppu waterfalls to enjoy the beauty of the nature and also for seeking spiritual peace.



The Irupppu waterfalls and its surrounding has the potential to become one of the best tourist attractions in Karnataka as it has a unique geographical beauty that is worth seeing.

It is better not to carry food or plastic items while on your visit to this waterfalls as it might increase the chances of littering waste around. You can indeed take a shower under the waterfall with your friends and spend a good 4 to 5 hours at the Iruppu waterfalls.

Tips for Visiting Iruppu Waterfalls

It is always better to wear covered and  shoes that have enough grip as the steep road is risky and slippery. Always pay more attention to your personal safety as the terrain has its own dangers, which can be easily avoided.

As mentioned in this posts, there are also changing rooms available so that you can change your dress after having a bath under the waterfalls.

Also do not get into the water during the monsoon season, as your life might be in danger due to the heavy waterfalls at Iruppu. Many cases of drowning has been reported, especially during the monsoon season.

You should also make sure not to thrown and litter plastics and food items, so as to keep the place neat and tidy.

Best Time to Visit Iruppur Waterfalls

While on your trek to the Iruppu waterfalls, there are few spots that you should indeed visit. If you want to see the Iruppu waterfalls in full glory, it is better to visit during the monsoon period. But you will not be able to play under the waterfalls during the monsoon season, as there are various dangers associated with.

You can really play under the water falls during other seasons, apart from the monsoon season. Playing under the Iruppu waterfalls can give you a memorable travel experience and you will really enjoy the fun of doing it. The Iruppu waterfalls also attracts a large number of tourists, especially during the festival of Navaratri.

There are also changing rooms for females that are available near the waterfalls. You can avail the facility offered by the Sulab Sauchalay that is present at the entrance where they will allow you to change your dress for a nominal charge. So all the basics facilities and services are available at the Iruppu waterfalls, which makes your trip more comfortable.

Timings and Entry Fee at Iruppu Waterfalls

The Iruppu waterfalls in Coorg is open for the tourists from 6 AM to 6 PM and the entry fee comes at INR 50 per person, which is not a huge amount considering the beauty and the thrill that is provided by this magnificent waterfall in Karnataka.

With this minimal fee, you are allowed to explore the Iruppu waterfalls and its natural beauty for almost 12 hours, which itself is a great thing.

Reaching Iruppu Waterfalls

Iruppu waterfalls is located 80 km away from Madikeri and 25 km from Nagarhole and is easily available by roadways. You can hire a jeep or taxi from nearby cities to reach Iruppu waterfalls. You will also get enough parking spaces before starting your trek to the Iruppu waterfalls.


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