Cherai- An Abode for Beach Lovers and Heritage

A beautiful place to visit in Kochi, the idyllic Cherai is every beach lover’s paradise. It is a small town located around 25 kilometres from Kochi downtown, with Kochi’s hidden gem–Cherai Beach–at the north of Vypin Island. Cherai is located in the Ernakulam district of Kerala and is surrounded by dense coconut groves. This backwater beach is one of the most popular places to visit in Kochi.

Cherai Beach Kerala

Blessed with a picturesque coastline, Cherai Beach is also known as the ‘Princess of the Arabian Sea’. Its striking backwaters and scenic vistas make Cherai Beach score high on any list featuring must-visit places to visit in Kochi. Besides strolling on the seashore collecting seashells and earning a tan, here are five places worth exploring in and around Cherai Beach:

1. Paddy Fields
Fields of blooming green paddy will enrich your senses as you visit the fertile pastoral lands of Cherai. A stunning view of verdant greens swaying in full bloom will make the area an Instagram-worthy backdrop for some memorable family photos. Witness how labourers toil through the day to cultivate bountiful produce.

One of the most intriguing places to visit in Kochi, the paddy fields are cultivated below sea level thereby ensuring adequate water supply. Alongside, you can enjoy rare sightings of various species of birds, butterflies, and fish that inhabit the area.

2. Cherai Gowreeshwara Temple
One of the most revered places to visit in Kochi is the Gowreeshwara Temple in Cherai village. The temple draws tourists from all over the world. Devotees visit this sacred abode to offer prayers to Lord Subrahmanyam. Here is a fun fact: It is one of the only temples in Asia that is a Chathurmukha kovil (with four-side doors)!

The temple is also famous for its annual Cherai Gowreeshwara Temple festival, an event full of grandeur and splendour. During the festival, you can witness a caparisoned elephant procession that marks the auspicious occasion. This is one of the most visually overwhelming places to visit in Kochi.

3. Pallipuram Fort
Poets would wax eloquent just at the sheer sight of this breathtaking piece of architecture. The Pallipuram Fort boasts of European-style architecture that was built by the Portuguese in the 16th century.

Pallipuram Fort Kochi
You will witness remains of a triple storey hexagonal structure that is both intriguing and educational to explore, on your visit here. Do include this in your itinerary, for tourists find it one of the most interesting places to visit in Kochi.

4. Munambam Fishing Harbour
Your trip to the backwaters is incomplete without a visit to the magnificent Munambam Fishing Harbour. Surrounded by limitless water on almost all sides, fishing is a popular occupation in and around the city.

A unique place to visit in Kochi, you can witness how fresh fish for the day is caught at the Fisherman’s Wharf. Afterwards, head over to the Munambam Beach for a day filled with activities like kite flying, nature walks or introduce your little ones to the joys of fishing.

5. Pallipuram Church
Built in 1507 by the Portuguese, this church is also known as the ‘Basilica of Our Lady of Snow’. It has also received the status of a minor basilica by Pope Benedict XVI. Witness a Sunday mass with the locals and learn more about the humble lifestyle of Cherai residents.

You don’t have to be religious to go to this church; it is one of the most beautiful, aesthetically pleasing places to visit in Kochi.

Bestowed with stunning sightseeing destinations cradled in the lap of Mother Nature, Cherai is an offbeat tourist spot in Kochi. From staying by the beach at spacious resorts to witnessing nature’s splendid hues, take a breath of fresh air as you experience Cherai Beach’s pristine beauty. For a memorable vacation, however, you can stay with an accommodation option that is close to all the places to visit in Kochi.

With comfortable, spacious rooms laid amidst green lawns and blooming palm trees, you can have the holiday of your dreams. The property’s in-house restaurant will whip you up some delicious local Kerala cuisine to indulge your taste buds, too. You can check any of the best resorts that have been certified by happy members before booking your stay, and tick off all the wonderful places to visit in Kochi off your bucket list.

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