Savour Jaisalmer’s Rich Cuisine on Your Next Family Holiday with Club Mahindra

The Golden City of Jaisalmer is a tourist’s delight. Surrounded by Jaisalmer Fort, ancient havelis, old houses, and colourful streets, the tapestry of the city is visually stimulating. Traditional arts, panoramic vistas of the vast desert, and the friendly residents make it a journey totally worth embarking on.


Amidst these kaleidoscopic colours of by the city, there is one unmistakable memory that Jaisalmer will leave you with, and that is the delicious food of Jaisalmer!

Whether you choose to experiment with the city’s street food or opt for fine dining, you will be impressed to the hilt. The combination of great Rajasthani hospitality and the lip-smacking culinary delights is another reason to experience Jaisalmer cuisine.

Here are a few dishes you must try:

1. Laal Maas: This is definitely not for the fainthearted or for those who don’t like spicy food. Laden with chillies and soaked in spices, the mutton chunks acquire a rich taste. Cooked in yoghurt and ghee and with a fine blend of spices, the aroma itself will have you salivating.

2. Ker Sangri: Ker is a berry and Sangri is a variety of bean. In fact, there is a small tale behind the invention of this dish. During times of great famine, most vegetable crop in Rajasthan failed except the ker and the sangri, which grew in plenty. Left with no choice, the locals tried drying them so they lasted longer. With a heady mix of spices like red chilli, dhania powder, and ajwain, this flavourful dish is not just hot and tangy but also totally delicious.

3. Daal Baati Choorma: One of the most iconic dishes of Jaisalmer, this dish of lentils and wheat is now famous all over the world. The baati are dough balls made from wheat flour, ghee, and milk. This is a traditional dish dating back to the first king of Mewar Bappa Rawal; the baati was a wartime meal in his times. Unable to cook during war, the soldiers would break the dough into pieces and hide them beneath a layer of desert sand. Over the course of a day, the dough turned into perfectly sun-baked baati. The soldiers would smear a dollop of ghee (and sometimes yogurt) and eat them.

It was only later that the daal, or the popular delicacy of Panchmel Daal, was added by the merchants of the Gupta clan who were spread across Mewar. The choorma was reputedly invented by accident when a cook accidentally poured sugarcane juice over it. The accident is believed to have led to the more evolved dish that it is today!

Another story suggests that the womenfolk of Mewar had discovered that dunking the balls in sugar syrup kept them soft and succulent till their husbands returned home. After a series of micro-evolutions, the end result is an absolutely phenomenal version of Jaisalmer food.

4. Gatte ki Sabzi
This one is another traditional, very famous, dish of Jaisalmer. Gatte ki sabzi is nothing but gram flour dumplings dipped in gravy made with invigorating spices and yoghurt. Enjoy this traditional and simple (but sublimely delicious) dish with either rice or roti.

5. Rabdi ka Ghewar
Ghewar, though now widely popular, has its roots in Rajasthan. Sweet dishes rank low on most people’s choice of food and with good reason. But here’s some good news! Ayurveda has recommended Ghewar since ancient times as being good for the body. According to traditional Ayurveda, the months from July to September are dominated by Vaata and Pitta, resulting in dryness, acidity, and heavy mood swings. Ghewar made with rich portions of ghee and sweet juice have a soothing effect on the body. So, enjoy this sweet delicacy which doubles as medicine, guilt-free – within moderation!

This list is only the tip of the iceberg. Jaisalmer awaits you with its royal spread of food. If you are serious about comfortable & peaceful holiday, check into the grand haveli-style Club Mahindra Resort at Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. The spacious rooms open to views of the dunes, while the furnishings and facilities at the resort are modern and top-class. There is something for all ages here. Kids have much to explore, be it games or local music, dance, puppetry, scenic trails, etc.

As for your meals, you can dine by the pool or under the stars. Club Mahindra’s multi-cuisine restaurant spoils you for choice with an array of royal delicacies. If you’re the sort who counts calories, Club Mahindra has a world-class gym under its roof waiting for you! Do not forget to delight and detox at the gorgeous spa at Club Mahindra. Check out the Club Mahindra reviews online to know more!

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