Padanna – An Offbeat Backwater Haven In Kerala

Padanna Backwaters Kasargod KeralaPadanna is one of the lesser known tourist places in Kerala. It offers everything a backwater retreat should, which makes it a great destination for a family vacation. This offbeat destination tucked away in Kasaragod district in the northern tip of Kerala, takes you far away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It is for this reason that it makes a great holiday destination for tourists – and especially Club Mahindra membership holders.

Padanna was once a place for families to trade and sell their produce. This included bananas, sweet potato, tobacco, and dried fish. Eventually, Padanna saw settlements from the Malabar area, and it is now a hub for many traders.

This beautiful village has been steadily gaining in popularity, making it a must-visit for tourists travelling to Kerala. Padanna’s backwaters are an untouched stretch, where tourists come face-to-face with nature.

Things to do at Padanna
• The place has a range of activities offered by Kerala tourism. Educate your kids about the unique fishing methods adopted by the local fishermen. The womenfolk have mastered the art of collecting oysters and clams.

• Taking a cruise along the backwaters is a must-do, where you can hop on to a boat and float down river Tejaswini.

• Traditional practitioners of Ayurveda can be found here. There is no commercialization. Many resorts in Kerala offer Ayurveda rejuvenation therapy that is both traditional and authentic.

• Padanna also offers fishing classes, where one can learn the art of typical fishing using strings, nets, or just bare hands.

• For animal lovers, this itinerary includes a trip to Monkey Island, based in a 12-acre sacred grove. The uniqueness of this grove or kaavu is the centrally positioned temple. One can spot rare birds here, making for an excellent photo opportunity.

• One must certainly try the local food. Club Mahindra reviews reveal that the local traditional lunch or sadyais very popular. This comprises a rich assortment of cooked lentils and vegetables, rice, and sweets all spread out on a plantain leaf. If you love seafood, clams are a local speciality. Talk about a lip-smacking experience!

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