5 Famous Food Items in Karnataka You Must Try

Situated in the south western region of India, Karnataka is the land of filter coffees, secret waterfalls, cozy cafes, and excellent local cuisines. The delicacies prepared here carry cultural ethics which evidently reflect in the ingredients used, as well as in its taste.

If you ever try the local cuisine in this region, you will note the beautiful order in which the food is served on a banana leaf – from the sweet dish to the main course, which is usually curd rice. People here are very fond of rice. As such, you will find it to be a staple part of every meal.

Well known for its hospitality, Karnataka hosts people from around the world, be it for education, work or travel. So, if you are planning to visit this wonderfully green state, select one of the best resorts in Karnataka, and try these five exquisite dishes:

1. Chowchow Bath: It may sound like a Chinese dish but the actual product doesn’t look or taste anything like it. This popular local delicacy is made from rava or sooji and is a favourite breakfast item in Bangalore.

2. Akki Roti: This is a popular breakfast item made with cooked rice. Akki roti is served with ‘ellu pajji’ or sesames seeds chutney. It is a very popular dish available in the Kodagu or Coorg region.

3. Koli Curry: Coconut is a prominent ingredient used in this dish. Usually served with rice balls, this lip-smacking chicken curry is teamed with fresh spices and coconut to create an amazing mix of flavours.

4. Ragi Mudde and Soppina Saru: Ragi Mudde, as the name suggests, is prepared with ragi. Soppina Saru, on the other hand, is a simple dish consisting of leafy vegetables and lentils. This is a very common dish prepared in the rural areas of Karnataka and is definitely worth a try.

5. Pandi curry: Pandi curry or pork curry is usually served along with akki roti or some rice. Extremely popular in the Kodagu region, this curry will leave you craving for more.
Notably, you can find this type of food in Coorg. So, if you are planning to visit this beautiful hill station, make sure you get a taste of all these delectable dishes.

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