Why Monsoon is the Best Season to Visit Wayanad with Family

Wayanad is a gorgeous little gem located in Kerala. Winding, forested streets, abundant wildlife, an aura of charming mist, and verdant foliage everywhere are some of the amazing things that will enchant you in this quaint hill station. To experience this destination in all its beautiful glory, it is best to visit it during the rainy season.


When the rain gods descend, Wayanad’s weather takes on a completely new character, casting a beautiful spell on the region. This makes it an absolute must-visit destination in this season.

Here are some tourist places in Wayanad that are best enjoyed during the monsoon.

1. Pookode Lake
This is a gorgeous lake,which is shaped like the map of India. The waters will be thriving here during the monsoon and it makes for a great place to splash around and swim with the kids. There are also boating facilities and you have many opportunitiesto do nature photography.

2. Meenamutty Waterfalls
These are the biggest falls in Wayanad. You can enjoy a two-kilometer trek up to the top of this waterfall, enjoying the view along the way, courtesy the viewing points built at every 200-300 meters. The falls descend with great gusto during the monsoons.

3. BanasuraSagar Dam
Your kids will marvel at this place, which is the largest earth dam in India. The views, especially during the monsoon, are spectacular. Hence, you must carry your camera to capture some amazing stills. There is a beautiful walkway to the viewpoint, which you can enjoy together with family. You can also opt for speedboat facilities over here.

4. Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary
Nestled in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, this sanctuary is also called Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary.This place has a dense cover of tall green trees during the monsoons. Come here with your kids to spot deer, and giant squirrels during this season.

5. Edakkal Caves
Your kids will be super excited to visit these caves dating back to the Neolithic era. You can opt to take the short but steep trek up with your family where you can look at the pre-historic site. There is also a spectacular viewpoint, from which, you can see the lush greenery basking in the rain!

Where to stay
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