Travel and Explore the Majestic Hills of Chamba

Surrounded by the high peaks of Himalayas, stands on the right bank of the river Ravi, is famous for many things. As a former princely state, it is one of the oldest in the country and dates back to the sixth century. It is well known for its splendid architecture and as the base for numerous excursions. It is also a district headquarters.

Chamba is situated at an altitude of 926 metres (2778 feets).The local area of Chamba is spread over in 25 kms area.The district is located between north latitude 32 degree 10′ and east 75 degree 45′ and 77 degree 33′.District is touches Punjab in south, Kangra on the south east., J & K on north-west and west , Ladakh area of J & K and Lahaul and Bangahal on the north-east and east.

In winter, the temperature gets very low because of cold winds. It is hot in summer – upto 38 degree centigrade and cottons are recommended.

Getting there:

By Road : Chamba is connected by road and is 580 km from Delhi. It is 24 km from Khajjiar and from Dalhousie via Khajjiar, the distance is 56 km.
By Rail : The closest rail-head is at Pathankot,118 km away. Pathankot is linked with many big cities.

By Air : The airport at Gaggal in Kangra is at a distance of 170 km. Taxis/buses are available from these places to Chamba.

Places to See in Chamba
Laxmi Narayan Temple Compex :
One of the famous temples at Chamba, with six main ‘shikhara’ style temples and several smaller shrines, this is renowed for its finely executed classical forms. Tamples of ‘Mahakali’ , ‘Hanuman’, ‘Nandigan’, Vishnu’, ‘Shiva’ are also in this complex.

Hari Rai Temple :
This is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and dates back to 11th century.

The profusion of temples in Shamba and their craftsmanship is remarkable. Some important shrines are – Champavati, Vajreshwari, Sui Mata and Chamunda Devi.

The Chowgan :
Chamba’s wide concourse is the hob of much of the town’s activity and also serves as its promenade.

Rangmahal :
Many visitors come here to see Rangmahal. Now a days the office of Himachal state handicrafts co-operation and also an Emporium is in Rangmahal. This old place is an interesting mix of colonial and Saracenic architectural styles.

Akhand Chandi Palace :
Now a college, this imposing building once housed chamba’s ruling family. Much of the original craftsmanship can still be seen

Bhuri singh Museum :
Named after Raja Bhuri Singh of Chamba, this is a treasure house of Chamba’s rich past. The exhibits include copper plates, murals, doorways, costumes, paintings and stone carvings.

St. Andrew’s Church :
Over a century old, this is a charming dressed-stone structure with lancet windows.

Sarol (8 km away) :
A very good picnic spot for the tourists.This place situated on the bank of river Ravi.A very nice valley to visit.

Saho (12 kms away) :
A old Chandrasekhara stone temple is situated here.

Bharmour (65 km away) :
Its 84 ancient temples at a height of 2141 metres are well known. It is also the summer home of the nomadic Gaddi people.

Manimahesh (93 km away) :
this sacred lake (4183 metres) is associated with Lord Shiva and id\s the site of an annual pilgrimage.

Chatrari (45 kilometre away) :
An attaractive temple to Shakti Devi is located here.

Khajjiar (24 km from Chamba) :
Often called ‘India’s Switzerland’, the exquisite glade of Khajjiar (1960 metres) has a circumfrence of aout 5 km. Along its fringes, thick forests of deodar climb the slopes. The snow-line rests above these woods and in the centre of the glade, is a small lake fed by streams that traverse the green carpet. At Khajjiar there is a 12th century temple dedicated to khajjiang. Within the temple are lifesize wooden images of the five Pandava brothers.

Pangi Valley (232 kms away) :
This is a beautiful valley with high steep mountains and little vegetation.This is the valley of butifull peoples with varity of folk dances and songs.

Places to Stay in Chamba
There are a number of hotels and resorts in and around Chamba that can make your stay comfortable. All the hotels are well equipped with all the modern facilities at the best prices.

Below is the lists of places where you can find a good accommodation in Chamba.

For Staying :-

Expensive Hotels and Budgeting Hotels / Lodges :

Hotel Iravati Tel. 22671, Fax : 22565
Hotel Champak Tel. 22774
Hotel Hill View Tel. 22027
Hotel Chamunda View Tel. 24067
Hotel Mount View Tel. 24109
Lal Rattan Lodge Tel. 24343
National Lodge Tel. 22892
Hotel Devdar Tel. 28233

Place for Enjoying Food :-

Hotel Iravati – Indian, Chinese.
Rishi restaurant – All type of food.
Ravi view cafe – Indian, Chinese.
Park view – All type of food.
and many other places for eating.

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