Some Amazing Pictures of Munnar Hill Station in Kerala

Munnar is a beautiful hill station located in Kerala, with all the typical features of an Indian hill station. Munnar is considered as one of the most exuberant and beautiful hill stations in South India which attracts people from different countries throughout the year. Munnar is widely regarded as the Kashmir of South India Munnar and this nickname is mainly attributed to its stunning beauty and cool climatic conditions throughout the year.

You will never feel short of travel sights and attractions once you arrive in Munnar. Munnar has a unique geographic feature and is at a higher altitude when compared with other major places in Kerala. For the tourists coming from different parts of the world, there is a lot of places to see, visit and enjoy in Munnar.

Here are some interesting pictures of Munnar that would give you a short glimpse about its amazing natural beauty.  Hope You Enjoy it!

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