An Outing To The Yoga Paradise At Auroville, India

Travelling for a yoga experience is Yoga travel. Expand the knowledge of yoga travelling boundaries of the world. The experience of eternal bliss will enhance the motive to travel other yoga centers around the world. Both are transformative terms. Enjoy the adventure, peace and balance of the journey, experiencing yoga with luxury. Nothing can beat a vacation as such. There are many yoga retreats like, Vermont in New England an exotic location with mountains and stables, The very famous Bali in Indonesia, check the Mukti Yoga School, Galapagos with adventure and balance of nature, the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram in Kerala situated in India, Dunton Hot Springs in Colorado with great landscapes and many more each equipped with great landscapes, spas, camps, greenery, luxury and adventure.

The Auroville is one such yoga retreat situated in Tamil Nadu in South India. This place is considered universal for those seeking peace and harmony in this treacherous world. It knows no boundaries of caste, sex, creed and nationality. Unity of soul is what they preach. It is quite unique to the other travel yoga centers of the world like the Shanti Yoga, Toga Nusa Yoga and surfing, Casa De Carrasco Yoga, Leela Travel and so on who inculcate adventure sessions in their yoga practices. Auroville talks of spiritual surroundings away from the dwellings of manhood. The place was so named on behalf of Sri Aurobindo, the great philosopher and scholar. Established in 1968 is located just 15 minutes by road from Pondicherry. This is a great yoga retreat with rural atmosphere away from the polluted world. It is equipped with rooms for the guests with dining facilities. The rooms are simple with thatched roofs designed like huts having common washrooms. Calling for privacy, the apartments or houses with bedroom and kitchen are equipped with air condition.

The Auroville is totally dedicated towards human unity. Feel the experience of The Devine. It expels the materialism and bridges the gap between the past and future. It is a place full of knowledge and spirituality. One cannot miss the power of Matrimandir. It looks like a Golden Ball beneath which the crystal orb is situated. The Zeiss Crystal in the center is the largest in the world right in the centre of the temple. The crystal is open for viewing only on bright sunny days. The look of crystal orb leaves one confused with the light of the day. The diameter of the orb is 70 cm similar to a ball. This is placed on a golden base creating a mystical and mysterious environment around itself. Auroville on the whole is based on the Brazilian model when seen from above. It is believed that Avatar “Sai Baba” will reincarnate in this place and exercise his miracles.

With yoga retreat around the Auroville is closely related to the spiritual wellbeing of the Indians. For a more luxurious and adventurous yoga trip seek the path to other places for eternal bliss. Make a point to reach for Monarch Airlines phone number for a sudden yoga travel. The trips will rejuvenate your internal and external system for an experience like never before. The closeness with nature and exotic views of landscapes along with yoga practices is something you urge for.

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