Bhubaneswar – The Heritage City of Odisha

Bhubaneswar is the Capital City of Odisha (Formerly Known as Orissa) and is noted for its amazing architecture and ancient temples which makes it one of the best pilgrimage travel destination in India. Bhubaneswar is mainly a Buddhist and Hindu pilgrimage center and the presence of the ancient temples make it a religious center of attraction in Odisha. Bhubaneswar was once a major part of the Kalinga Empire and the present city of Bhubaneswar was designed by German Architect Otto Königsberger.

Bhubaneswar is also viewed as a cultural city and the famous Odissi dance form initially originated from this heritage city in Odisha. Apart from being a religious travel destination, Bhubaneswar  is also a major travel destination for families and those coming alone or with friends. The ancient and heritage temples with unique architecture are the major travel attractions in Bhubaneswar and some of the major temples in Bhubaneswar includes Mukteswar Temple, Bindu Sagar, ISKCON Temple, Shatrughaneswar Temple, Lingaraj Temple,  Vaital Temple,  Raj Rani Temple and Parashurameswar Temple.

Another major travel attraction of Bhubaneswar  is the Regional Plant Resource Center (RPRC) which is well known for maintaining and preserving the largest Rose garden in India. A lot of travelers visit the RPRC in Bhubaneswar to enjoy the amazing roses and species that are available. The Orissa State Museum,  Orissa Modern Art Gallery, Tribal Museum, Udayagiri and Khandagiri Caves and Pathani Samanta Planetarium are some of the major travel tour attractions in and around Bhubaneswar.Kalinga, the famous place of War.

Kalinga, which was a battle ground for the Great Emperor Ashoka is near Bhubaneswar and this place is one of the hottest tourist spot around this city. For those interested in wildlife activities, the Nandankanan Zoo provides a great experience with some of the rare animal species. Along with the Zoo you can also see a botanical garden and a sanctuary which helps you to view some of the rarely seen animal and plant species. The white tigers and Captive Gharial Crocodile breeding center are few of the major animal species in Nandankanan Zoo, whereas the lion-tailed macaque and black panthers form the major attractions in the Sanctuary. The Zoo also provides a perfect opportunity for having a jungle safari or boating.

Since Bhubaneswar experiences an extremely hot climate during April and May it is better not to visit this city during this period. The other months are okay for travelling as the climate will not be too extreme and can be easily adjusted. Since Bhubaneswar is well connected to the other major cities by rail, road and air, it is very much easy to reach this city. Once you are inside the city you can take different mode of transportation facilities such as train, bus, taxis or city bus to travel in and around the city to experience its amazing heritage beauty.

You can also find a lot of shopping centers where you can purchase some of the unique items that are only seen in Bhubaneswar. There are also a lot of eateries where once can enjoy the traditional food while visiting this beautiful city. Once you arrive at Bbubaneswar you will always look for a perfect place to stay so as to make your travel more relaxed and comfortable. A lot of luxury and budget hotels are available in and around Bhubaneswar which will help you to find an easy accommodation with all the basic modern facilities and amenities. This helps you to get relaxed and enjoy your stay and travel at Bhubaneswar more memorable.

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