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Patna is the Capital city of Bihar and is the second largest city in East India. Patna holds huge historic importance and is also considered as the oldest inhabited places in the world. The city of Patna is situated on the banks of the famous river Ganges and holds the distinction of being the easiest place of starting a business as per the World Bank.

The historic importance of Patna has made is one of the major travel tour destination in East India and there are a large number of travel attractions and destinations in Patna. Apart from travel spots and destinations there are a good number of religious pilgrimage destinations spread across various places in Patna. The religious and pilgrimage travel destination include places that are closely related to Hindus, Buddhists and Jains.

Travel Attractions in Patna
Patna is a place which attracts millions of travelers throughout the year due to its rich and heritage travel destinations that are preserved intact. In Bihar you can see a lot of cultural and heritage monuments such as Kumhrar,  Agam Kuan, Didarganj Yakshi, Gurdwara Pahila Bara, Padri Ki Haveli, High Court, Secretariat Building, Golghar  etc. Of these Kumhrar and Agan Kuan depicts the ruins of Ashokan Patliputra, where as Didarganj Yakshi provides a perfect example of Mauryan Arts. Padri Ki Haveli, High Court, Golghar and Secretariat Building are one of the best examples of British architecture and these are just some of the major things that attract tourists throughout the year to Patna.

The Patna Museum is another major attraction which is home to metal and stone sculptures which dates back to the Maurya and Gupta Era. The Patna Museum also consists of terracotta figures and archaeological remains which are considered to be collected from Nalanda. There is also a 16 meters tall and 200 million year old fossilized tree  and this tree is considered to be the world’s longest of its kind.

Wildlife in Patna
For those interested in wildlife viewing, then Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park in Patna is the perfect place. This national park was established in 1969 and has 300 species of trees, herbs and shrubs and is also home to more than 70 species of animals. All these animal species are some of the best and rarest ones which generates enormous enthusiasm among the wildlife lovers.

Festivals in Patna
The cultural city of Patna is also well known for its unique festivals and fairs which also form the major reason for attracting tourists. Deepavali is one of the major festival celebrated in Patna and the Deepavali celebrations in Patna is well known for its uniqueness and charm. The Chhath festival is another major festival that makes Patna  a hot travel destination and this festival is celebrated 6 days after Deepavali.

Best Time to Visit Patna
The climate in Patna is similar to that in the other North Indian states and it is hot and humid during the months of May, June, July, August and September. So it is better to avoid any travel trips to Patna during these months. The months of October, November, December, January and February experiences cool and winter climate. So these months are considered to be the best time to visit Patna.

Transportation and Accommodation in Patna
Patna is well connected to the other major Indian cities by air, rail and road and hence travelling to and fro Patna is not a matter of concern. There are also local transportation systems such as cycle rickshaw, auto rickshaw, taxis etc which makes your travel within Patna more easier.

A lot of luxury, budget and economy hotels, lodges and resorts are available in Patna which makes your stay and accommodation easier. So you can select the best hotel or lodge that fits your financial status. You can also book your hotel accommodation in advance through various online hotel reservation systems.

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