Gujarat – The Vibrant State in West India

Gujarat is one of the most vibrant state in West India, which is marked for its cultural and historical importance. Gujarat has grown into one of the most prominent travel destination in India due to its amazing tourist spots which are really a treat to watch. Gandhinagar is the Capital city of Gujarat and Gujarati is the local language of this beautiful travel destination in West India.

Some of the major sites of the ancient Indus Valley civilizations comes under the area of Gujarat and is also home to Mahatma Gandhi, India’s “Father of Nation”. Gujarat is also fastly growing as a major economic hub of India due to the large number of Industries and business that are flourishing over there.

Tourism in Gujarat
Gujarat is a heaven for tourists as it has some of the most interesting travel destinations and places. People from all over the world visits Gujarat to get a feel of its culture and heritage. There are a lot of heritage sites and monuments which has become one of the major reasons behind the tourism success of this state.

Festivals and Fairs in Gujarat
Gujarat offers some of the most unique festivals and fairs for the tourist and some of the major festivals and events in Gujarat include Trineteshwer Mahadev Fair,Somnath Mahadeo Fair, Modhera Dance Festival, Kutch Mahotsava, Kite Flying Festival, Navaratri Dance Festival and Sidhapur Camel Fair. The state experiences a major tourism boom during the festival seasons as a lot of tourist plans their travel and tours so as to attend the festivals and fairs in Gujarat.

Attractions  and Popular Travel Destinations in Gujarat
Some of the major attractions of Gujarat include Gir National Park (known for the Asiatic lions), Science City , Museums, Beaches, temples and other religious destinations. The popular travel destinations in Gujarat include Ahmedabad, Jamnagar, Patan, Vadodara, Champaner, Pavagadh, Saputara, Rajkot, Bhavnagar, Porbandar, Bhuj, Sarnath and Dwaraka.

Transportation in Gujarat
Since Gujarat is well connected to the major India cities by rail, road, air and sea, there is not much difficulty in reaching there. Gujarat has a good infrastructure of the above said transportation modes and this has become a boon for its tourism industry.

Accommodation in Gujarat
The major issue that comes to mind while touring a new place is about the accommodation facilities available. But in Gujarat you will not come against such issues as Gujarat has some of the best luxury, economic and budget hotels, lodges and resorts that suits your budget and requirements. Majority of the hotels and lodges in Gujarat are of world class qualities and amenities which will provide you a fruitful travel experience in Gujarat.

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