Tamil Nadu and its Travel Destinations

Tamil Nadu is a state in the southern part of India, which is well known for its heritage, culture and historical travel destinations. Chennai is the capital city of Tamil Nadu and Chennai is among the 4 major metropolitan cities in India. Tamil is the language that is spoken all over Tamil Nadu and the people in Tamil Nadu are more friendly when compare with other states in India. The state is large in size and hence it is home to a large number of travel attractions and destinations.

The climate in the majority areas of Tamil Nadu is hot, but still a  lot of tourist flock to Tamil Nadu every year. In Tamil Nadu, you get almost everything that you expect from a perfect holiday destination. Either be it a personal travel, a family tour or a honeymoon travel, Tamil Nadu is the best place to be. The living style and unique culture of Tamil Nadu makes it more interesting to visit and you can sense a rich historical background. Tamil Nadu is one of the most urbanised state in India and plays a major role in the economy of India.

Attractions in Tamil Nadu
Since Tamil Nadu is an ancient state you can see a lot of historical forts and palaces which give a glimpse of the vast history possessed by the state. The temples in Tamil Nadu is another major attraction, and the temples are identified by their unique Dravidian style of architecture and you can see such architecture only in Tamil Nadu. If you get bored at any time in Tamil Nadu, then taking a trip down the villages of Tamil Nadu would a refreshing experience. There are also well known beaches in Tamil Nadu, which would give you an opportunity to calm down and enjoy the beauty of sunset. If you get tired of the extreme heat, then you can head towards the hill stations in Tamil Nadu to chill yourself. If you are interested in spiritual tours, then Tamil Nadu is one of the best place as it has a large number of Hindu pilgrimage centres visited by a large number of pilgrims.

Top Travel Destinations in Tamil Nadu
Since Tamil Nadu is a big state, there are a large number of travel destinations and you would be able to get a large variety of places to select from. Some of the major travel destinations in Tamil Nadu include Chennai, Kanyakumari, Kodaikanal, Madurai, Ooty, Palani, Thanjavur, Nagarcoil, Vellore, Yerucaud, Coimbatore, Rameswaram, Mettupalayam and Salem.

Getting There
Tamil Nadu is very well connected by the other major travel destinations in India by air, rail, road and sea. This makes the travellers more comfortable when thinking about the various routes to reach Tamil Nadu.

Accommodation in Tamil Nadu
Tamil Nadu is home to a large number of world class hotels which offers unique experience and the hotels and resorts are present in all the major cities in Tamil Nadu. The hotels and resorts ranges from Budget to luxury grading and you can select the best that fits your financial capacity.

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