Goa – The Exotic Travel Destination in West India

Goa is actually one of smallest state in India and also the 4th smallest in terms of population. Positioned in the south west India in the area referred to as Konkan, Goa is surrounded by Maharashtra towards the north, as well as by Karnataka towards the south and east, and the Arabian sea marks its western coastline. With its amazing natural beauty and other resources, Goa is one of the most popular holiday travel destination in India.

Goa popularly understand known as the ‘Rome from the East’, and is home to  as well as picturesque and splendour land, wonderful church buildings which shows glimpses of exquisite architectural works.  Goa is blessed with turquoise oceans along with gold sands fringed by swaying palms, nearby houses, beautiful historic structures as well as rich green fields. Goa is a retreat of relaxation plus things such as innumerable luxurious conveniences for your personal happiness. Launch on the very clear pink waters with the large pool, and also enjoy you stay on  the blissful sunshine on the picturesque island or enjoy the panoramic view all around while the dancing waves brings inner joy and happiness to your heart and soul.

Notorious in the sixties for being the hippy capital of the east, this particular previous Portuguese Colonial nest offers nevertheless maintained life-style from the colonial rulers, along with a completely relaxed mind-set. Obviously everything has transformed so much and is evident from the trance music party scene at the major beaches in Goa.

The beaches of Goa are one of the most amazing factor that attracts traveller and the beaches of Goa plays an influential role in the tourism industry of Goa. There are various popular travel beaches in Goa that are safe and those coming to vacations in Goa very much enjoy the varied range of beaches that are present in Goa. For its numerous travel beaches in Goa, this place is considered to be one of the best beach holiday destinations in India.

Goa is also home for an amazing wealth of flora and fauna and most of the forests in Goa are present in the interior area of the state. As per the February 1999 issue of National Geographic Magazine, Goa was compared with Amazon and Congo basins due to the availability of rich tropical biodiversity. Goa’s wildlife boasts of around more than 1500 plant species, 275 bird species, 48 animal species and more than 50 types of reptiles. Apart from being an exotic tourist destination in West India, Goa is also famous for its wildlife reserves due to the availability of different types of wildlife animals and birds.

Goa includes a exotic monsoon environment underneath the Koppen environment category and since Goa lies in the tropical area as well as close to the Arabian sea, it experiences a  warm as well as damp environment for most of the months. May is considered as the hottest month along with high humidity. The actual monsoon down pours appear through earlier June and supply the necessary respite from heat. The majority of Goa’s yearly rain fall is actually obtained with the monsoons that prolongs till September.

There are a large number of budget and luxury hotels available in Goa, which makes it easier for find an accommodation. Traveling to and from Goa is easy, as Goa is well connected to the other major cities by air, rail, road and sea.

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