Bihar and its Major Travel Destinations

Bihar  is an East Indian state and is the 12th largest state as far as geographical size is considered. Bihar is also holding the 3rd position in terms of population. Bihar holds a lot of cultural and historical value and was once a centre of power and learning in the ancient times. Some of the strongest empires and dynasties existed in Bihar, which have left the state with the remains of those historical empires. Patna is the Capital of Bihar and it was once a major civilization centre in India.

Nalanda, the oldest international university was in Bihar and this university was attended by students from all over the world. The remains are still there to see and it remains an irony that despite being home to the oldest university in the World, Bihar is still lags behind in terms of education, economic and social developments. Despite being economically backwards, Bihar has maintained its reputation as being an exciting tourist destination in East India.

The famous Ganges river and its tributaries Gandak and Koshi flows through Bihar making it one of the most fertile land in East India. Like the northern Indian States, Bihar also experiences an extreme climatic condition as its gets too hot in summer and too cold in the winter. In between, Bihar also get a good amount of monsoon rains in the months of June to September.

Flora and Fauna
Since Bihar is home to a good amount of deciduous forest ranges consisting of grass, scrub and reed, there is no dearth in flora and fauna. A wide variety of plant and tree species grows in these area and some of the major tree species that grows in the forests of Bihar are Shorea Robusta, Khair,  Sal Cedrela Toona and Semal. You can also find the river dolphins in the Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers and these river dolphins are facing extinction and are considered as the national aquatic animal of India. There are also various national wildlife parks in Bihar and the most popular of them is the Valmiki National Park which is the 18th Tiger Reserve of India and has a good number of tiger population.

Travel Destinations in Bihar
There are a large number of historical forts, palaces, ancient temples, lakes, rivers etc which serves as the major travel attractions in Bihar. Some of the major travel destinations in Bihar include places such as Patna, Bodhgaya, Rajgir, Vaishali, Nalanda etc. There are also a large number of pilgrimage travel destinations which attracts a lot of people to Bihar. The state also boasts of some of the best museums which contains excellent collection of rare and exquisite artefacts.

When to Visit Bihar and How to Reach
The best time to visit Bihar is between October to March, as you can enjoy the beautiful winter season and stay away from the summer. During these months, Bihar becomes too busy as a lot of travel reaches there and the overall business and economy gets an uplift during these period. You can read Bihar by rail, road or air as Bihar is well connected to the other main cities by air, rail and road.

Accommodation in Bihar
Accommodation in Bihar is not at all an issue, as you would be able to explore a  large number of hotels and resorts that suits your budget. There are budget, economy as well as luxury hotels in almost all the major travel destinations in Bihar and this will make your trip to Bihar more comfortable.

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