Why Goa is Regarded as a Perfect Holiday Destination in India

The sandy beaches, coconut trees, churches, food etc are some of the most common things that come to our mind when we talk about Goa. Yes, Goa is one of the most charming travel destinations in India where you will be able to explore a lot of different areas. Tourism is the back bone of[…]

The 10 Amazing and Popular Beaches in Goa for Travelers

Goa is one of the top travel destinations in India and is mainly known for its magnificent, amazing and beautiful beaches that lie along Goa’s 60-mile coastline. The beaches along the coastlines of Goa really looks like a lace frill on the edge of a colorful skirt and the beautiful beaches of Goa in the[…]

Goa – The Exotic Travel Destination in West India

Goa is actually one of smallest state in India and also the 4th smallest in terms of population. Positioned in the wouth west India in the area referred to as Konkan, Goa is surrounded by Maharashtra towards the north, as well as by Karnataka towards the south and east, and the Arabian sea marks its[…]