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The 10 Amazing and Popular Beaches in Goa for Travelers

Goa is one of the top travel destinations in India and is mainly known for its magnificent, amazing and beautiful beaches that lie along Goa’s 60-mile coastline. The beaches along the coastlines of Goa really looks like a lace frill on the edge of a colorful skirt and the beautiful beaches of Goa in the amazing stretches of golden sand is a real treat to the eyes. One of the major peculiarities of the beaches in Goa is the beach shacks that serve ice cold beer and delicious spicy Goan cuisine to the travelers.

Pune – Travel to the Cultural Capital of Maharashtra

Pune is a magnificent city in the Western Ghats and was once the center of power of the Maratha Empire. Pune is well known for the presence of high quality education institutions and this beautiful place is also regarded as the Cultural Capital of Maharashtra. Manufacturing, glass, sugar, and forging industries are some of the major industries that form the back bone of Pune. A lot of IT firms and automobiles giants are stamping their foot in Pune and this is a clear indication that Pune will be experiencing a rapid economic growth in the coming years.

Mumbai – Travel to the Commercial Hub of India

Mumbai is one of the biggest Metropolitan cities in India and is also the commercial hub of India. Mumbai is the capital city of Maharashtra and is one of the most modern cities in India and is also considered among the top cities in the world. Due to its highly urbanized nature, it is also considered as one of the most expensive cities in the world. Mumbai, which was previously known as Bombay is also a center of high real estate business due to its ever soaring real estate prices. Mumbai has the distinction of being the most populous city in India and also holds 4th place among the most populated cities in the world.

Maharashtra – The Breath of India

Maharashtra is another state in the western part of India and is the third most populated and the third largest state in India by size. Maharashtra plays a major role in controlling the economy of India as majority of the major industries and businesses are located in this city and is also the richest state in India. Mumbai, which is known as the financial hub of India, is the capital city of Maharashtra.

Tourism in Maharashtra
Maharashtra has a very long history and has a great historic culture and tradition which is quite evident from the ancient building and monuments that we can see in Maharashtra. Along with this, Maharashtra also possess an amazing wealth of natural beauty which makes it an hottest travel destination in India. Since it has a large size, there are a lot of tourist attractions in Maharashtra and you can also get an opportunity to view the village life and its culture in various parts of Maharashtra which is very much interesting.

Attractions in Maharashtra
Maharashtra has natural and manmade tourist attractions and some of them include hill stations, forts, palaces, ancient temples, beaches, museums, wildlife parks, adventure destinations etc. All these attractions are unique in nature and you will never get bored while passing through them. Some of the popular travel destination in Mumbai includes Mumbai, Pune, Thane, Amaravati, Ahmadnagar, Nagpur, Chandrapur and Solapur.

Festivals in Maharashtra
Maharashtra also has its own form for arts and festival culture and these are watched with curiosity by the travelers. Some of the major festivals that is conducted in Maharashtra include Ganesh Chaturthi, Vijayadashami, Navaratri, Holi, Diwali, Eid, Simollanghan  etc. All these festivals take place in different locations and if you want to have a glimpse of these festivals, you need to go deep into the places in Maharashtra.

Transportation in Maharashtra
Most of the cities in Maharashtra is well connected to the other major cities either by road, rail, sea or air. There are many interstate highways which make travelling more easy for the tourists and there are also public transport available which are of good quality.

Accommodation in Maharashtra
A lot of hotels, resorts and lodges are there in different cities of Maharashtra and if you are planning your travel to Maharashtra, then you would not find any difficulty in getting an accommodation. Accommodation ranges from budget to high class luxurious hotels and resorts.

Gujarat – The Vibrant State in West India

Gujarat is one of the most vibrant state in West India, which is marked for its cultural and historical importance. Gujarat has grown into one of the most prominent travel destination in India due to its amazing tourist spots which are really a treat to watch. Gandhinagar is the Capital city of Gujarat and Gujarati is the local language of this beautiful travel destination in West India.

Some of the major sites of the ancient Indus Valley civilizations comes under the area of Gujarat and is also home to Mahatma Gandhi, India’s “Father of Nation”. Gujarat is also fastly growing as a major economic hub of India due to the large number of Industries and business that are flourishing over there.

Tourism in Gujarat
Gujarat is a heaven for tourists as it has some of the most interesting travel destinations and places. People from all over the world visits Gujarat to get a feel of its culture and heritage. There are a lot of heritage sites and monuments which has become one of the major reasons behind the tourism success of this state.

Festivals and Fairs in Gujarat
Gujarat offers some of the most unique festivals and fairs for the tourist and some of the major festivals and events in Gujarat include Trineteshwer Mahadev Fair,Somnath Mahadeo Fair, Modhera Dance Festival, Kutch Mahotsava, Kite Flying Festival, Navaratri Dance Festival and Sidhapur Camel Fair. The state experiences a major tourism boom during the festival seasons as a lot of tourist plans their travel and tours so as to attend the festivals and fairs in Gujarat.

Attractions  and Popular Travel Destinations in Gujarat
Some of the major attractions of Gujarat include Gir National Park (known for the Asiatic lions), Science City , Museums, Beaches, temples and other religious destinations. The popular travel destinations in Gujarat include Ahmedabad, Jamnagar, Patan, Vadodara, Champaner, Pavagadh, Saputara, Rajkot, Bhavnagar, Porbandar, Bhuj, Sarnath and Dwaraka.

Transportation in Gujarat
Since Gujarat is well connected to the major India cities by rail, road, air and sea, there is not much difficulty in reaching there. Gujarat has a good infrastructure of the above said transportation modes and this has become a boon for its tourism industry.

Accommodation in Gujarat
The major issue that comes to mind while touring a new place is about the accommodation facilities available. But in Gujarat you will not come against such issues as Gujarat has some of the best luxury, economic and budget hotels, lodges and resorts that suits your budget and requirements. Majority of the hotels and lodges in Gujarat are of world class qualities and amenities which will provide you a fruitful travel experience in Gujarat.

Goa – The Exotic Travel Destination in West India

Goa is actually one of smallest state in India and also the 4th smallest in terms of population. Positioned in the wouth west India in the area referred to as Konkan, Goa is surrounded by Maharashtra towards the north, as well as by Karnataka towards the south and east, and the Arabian sea marks its western coastline.

Goa popularly understand known as the ‘Rome from the East’, and is home to  as well as picturesque and splendour land, wonderful church buildings which shows glimpses of exquisite architectural works.  Goa is blessed with turquoise oceans along with gold sands fringed by swaying palms, nearby houses, beautiful historic structures as well as rich green fields. Goa is a retreat of relaxation plus things such as innumerable luxurious conveniences for your personal happiness. Launch on the very clear pink waters with the large pool, and also enjoy you stay on  the blissful sunshine on the picturesque island or enjoy the panoramic view all around while the dancing waves brings inner joy and happiness to your heart and soul.

Notorious in the sixties for being the hippy capital of the east, this particular previous Portuguese Colonial nest offers nevertheless maintained life-style from the colonial rulers, along with a completely relaxed mind-set. Obviously everything has transformed so much and is evident from the trance music party scene at the major beaches in Goa.

Goa is also home for an amazing wealth of flora and fauna and most of the forests in Goa are present in the interior area of the state. As per the February 1999 issue of National Geographic Magazine, Goa was compared with Amazon and Congo basins due to the availability of rich tropical biodiversity. Goa’s wildlife boasts of around more than 1500 plant species, 275 bird species, 48 animal species and more than 50 types of reptiles. Apart from being an exotic tourist destination in West India, Goa is also famous for its wildlife reserves due to the availability of different types of wildlife animals and birds.

Goa includes a exotic monsoon environment underneath the Koppen environment category and since Goa lies in the tropical area as well as close to the Arabian sea, it experiences a  warm as well as damp environment for most of the months. May is considered as the hottest month along with high humidity. The actual monsoon down pours appear through earlier June and supply the necessary respite from heat. The majority of Goa’s yearly rain fall is actually obtained with the monsoons that prolongs till September.

There are a large number of budget and luxury hotels available in Goa, which makes it easier for find an accommodation. Traveling to and from Goa is easy, as Goa is well connected to the other major cities by air, rail, road and sea.

Top Travel Destinations in West India

The top travel destinations in West India offers yet another unique and amazing travel experience that one has not seen in other parts of India. The states of west India exhibit a rare and unique culture which is visible only in these regions. The states in West India has everything to offer for travel enthusiasts which include beaches, hill stations, monuments, ancient temples, national wildlife parks, adventure destinations.

The States and Union Territories that constitutes the western part of India are Goa, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Daman and Diu and Dadra and Nagar Haveli. Let us have a brief look at each of them.

Goa is one of the smallest states in India and was once under the rule of the Portuguese. Most of the cities in Goa still show the cultural influence of the Portuguese, which makes this state an interesting travel destination in West India. Things that make Goa  a hot tourist destination are the beautiful beaches, ancient Churches, Temples and World heritage architecture. Mapusa, Margao, Panaji, Ponda, and Vasco Da Gama are some of the major places in Goa, that are worth visiting.

Gujarat is a state in the western part of India which is home to the major sites of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization. Gujarat also holds high importance as a historic destination in India and is also one of the most industrialized Indian State. Gujarat has some of the best historic monuments, wildlife parks,  ancient temples, ports and beaches which makes it a hot tourist destination in West India. Some of the major places of attraction include Lothal, Dholavira, Ahmedabad, Bhavnagar, Gondal, Jamnagar, Mandvi, Porbander, Rajkot etc.

Maharashtra is the most beautiful state in West India and is home to some of the major tourist attractions in India. Mumbai, which is the commercial capital of India is also the capital city of Maharashtra. Maharashtra has some of the best hill stations, beaches, monuments, temples, churches, wildlife parks and other picnic spots which make it a popular travel destinations in West India. Mumbai, Pune,  Aurangabad, Bhandardara, Matheran, Panchagani, Raigad etc are some of the major places of attractions in Maharashtra.

Daman and Diu
Daman and Diu is a Union Territory in West India which has a clear Portugese influence as this city was a part of Portugese India some years back. Beautiful landscapes, beaches, forts and churches add more value to the tourism industry in Daman and Diu. Some of the major attractions include Devka Beach, Fort of Diu, Jampore beach, Nagoa Beach, Our Lady of Rosary Chapel, Hilsa Aquarium, Kachigam Water Tank etc.

Dadra and Nagar Haveli
Dadra and Nagar Haveli is another Union Territory in Western India, which was also once a part of the Portugese India. Dadra and Nagar Haveli is an amazing tourist destination with green forests, bautiful waterfalls, mountain ranges, rivers and an amazing wealth of flora and fauna. Silvassa city, Vanganga Lake Garden, Hirwavan garden, Tribal Museum etc are some of the major tourist attractions in Dadra and Nagar Haveli