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Travel to Kufri – The Tiny Hill Station in Shimla

Kufri is a small hill station in the Shimla District of Himachal Pradesh and is one of the most popular hill station destinations in north India. The Kufri hill is located around 13 kilometers away from Shimla and is very well accessible by road. Shimla is an area which is surrounded by hills and of these hills, the Kufri hills are the highest ones. Kufri is well known for its amazing natural beauty and cool climate which makes it one of the most popular hills in Shimla and people from different parts of the world travels to this exciting hill station. For all its beauty and charm, Kufri is popularly known as the “Switzerland of the East”. It is one of the best travel place in north India for travel themes such as honeymoon vacation, family vacation and leisure trips.

Apart from being a beautiful hill station in Himachal Pradesh, Kufri is also known for its’ Himalayan Wild Life Zoo which houses some of the most rare species of animals such as Antelopes, Felines, Himalayan Monal etc. There are also various travel attractions that are worth visiting and some of the major travel attractions in Kufri include Indira Tourist Park, Mahasu Peak, Chini Bunglow and Kufri Fun World. There are also many other small spots of travel attractions in Kufri which will give you a memorable travel experience.


There are also different types of travel activities that you can do in Kufri to make your trip more exciting and interesting. You can take a horse ride to the Mahasu peak, visit the Nag Temple, enjoy some activities at the Kufri Fun World, take some photos of the Yak, do some shopping and also enjoy some good food. For those interested in adventure activities, they can indeed try trekking, skiing and hiking at Kufri and these adventure activities are very much exciting during the winter season when there is enough snow.

If you are interested in adventure activities then you can visit Kufri during the winter season which comes between the months of November to February. On the other hand if you are interested in exploring the beauty and geographical features of Kufri, then the best time is between April to June. There are a lot of hill resorts, hotels and lodges in and around Kufri and Shimla, which makes your accommodation facilities more comfortable and affordable.

The next time when you plan to visit Shimla, Kufri should be in the top of your mind and travel plans. If you are having confusion on how to plan your travel to Kufri, then you can take help of any of the best and reputed travel tour operators in India. You can also compare the services and rates of different tour operators and decide on which one to choose.

Authorities Closes Jim Corbett National Park for Monsoons

The Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand has been closed by the wildlife authorities for the monsoon season and has prohibited travelers from visiting the site for a short while. The night patrolling has also been strengthened inside the park premises so as to prevent poaching and smuggling activities during the monsoon season. The wildlife authorities of Jim Corbett National Park have closed the primary routes of the wildlife park for the next four months as the situation becomes dangerous for the tourists during the monsoon.

Ecotourism and Jungle Safari at Jim Corbett National Park

Located in Nainital district of Uttarakhand, the Jim Corbett National Park is one of the oldest wildlife national park in India and was established in the year 1936 in a mission to protected the Bengal Tigers, which are one of the most endangered wildlife species in India. The Jim Corbett Park, which is under the Project Tiger initiative, has sub-Himalayan belt geographical and ecological characters. The presence of around 488 wild species of plants and fauna makes it a perfect destination for ecotourism and wildlife jungle safari in north India. The Jim Corbett National Park is also considered as major wildlife and adventure destination in north India.

Jim Corbett National Park’s importance as a major ecotourism destination and also as a jungle safari spot has caused various ecological problems as a lot of tourists tend to visit this place and undergo various travel activities. So as to protect and preserve the ecological balance of the national park, tourism and related activities are confined only to selected areas of the tiger reserve. Tourists can easily view and enjoy the diverse wildlife and beautiful landscape of the Jim Corbett National Park. With the passing of each and every year, the number of travelers coming to this national park is increasing on a rapid pace.


The Jim Corbett National Park is noted for its dense and moist deciduous forest which houses trees such as sal, haldu, pipal, rohini and mango trees. Among the various wildlife animals and birds present at the Jim Corbett National Park, the endangered Bengal Tiger holds the limelight and people visit the national park to get a glimpse of the rare and unique Bengal Tigers. The Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve makes sure to provide all the comfort and facilities to the Bengal Tiger so as to preserve this wild animal species in a better way.


If you are looking for extreme wild and adventure destination in north India, then there would not be other better places than the Jim Corbett National Park in Nainital. Hailed as the best ecotourism destination in north India, the tiger reserve can provide a calm, wild and yet serene atmosphere that you would love to experience again and again. You will be lucky enough if you could catch the Royal Bengal Tigers in action and you need to wait and explore a larger area to watch them. One of the best time to watch the Bengal Tigers would be during the dry season between April and mid June and that time would be the perfect time for a jungle safari.


There are also other big animals such as the Indian elephant and buffalos which would also give you a good animal watching experience. You can also find Leopards,  barking deer, sambar deer, hog deer,  Himalayan black bears, Indian grey mongoose, otters, yellow-throated martens, Himalayan goral, Indian pangolins, Indian python, crocodiles and many more.  There are also a large number of plant species which are rarely seen in other parts of India and are of high value.

The increase in the number of tourists and their activities has severely damaged the ecological balance of the Jim Corbett National Park. As a result of promoting this place as a major eco tourism destination in north India, a large number of tourists visit this place and has resulted in ecological imbalance such as reduction in plant species and soil moisture. As a result of this, the tourism department has restricted access to the most sensitive parts of the national park and at the same time trying its best to promote eco-tourism at this place. The authorities still grant tourist an opportunity to take a jungle safari through the restricted area which is quite enough to view the wild animal species from a close range.

So if you are passionate about wildlife safari and adventure activities, then the Jim Corbett National Park will be the most perfect destination. Since it is also a major eco tourism destination in north India, you can also make a pleasure trip with your family or friends and make sure that you visit the Corbett tiger reserve at the right time so as to view the most of the wildlife species.

There are a lot of resorts, lodges, hideaways and hotels in and around the Jim Corbett National Park which will make your accommodation more comfortable while on your trip to Jim Corbett Wildlife park. These accommodation facilities comes with different rates that suites everyone’s budget. If you are planning to visit Jim Corbett, then it is better if you book your accommodation in advance as there might be shortage of rooms in the peak tourism season. It is better you take services of any of the best travel tour operator to avail all these facilities in the best and easy ways.

Shimla – The Perfect Honeymoon Destination in North India

Surrounded by Mandi and Kullu in the north, the state of Uttarakhand in the south-east, Kinnaur in the east, and Solan and Sirmaur to the south, Shimla is one of the perfect honeymoon destinations in north India. Shimla, the capital city of Himachal Pradesh  is a popular holiday retreat destination during the summer months and is one of the major tourism center in north India. The Victorian architecture that are seen in the city of Shimla, especially in some areas of the Mall and the Ridge really tells us an old story that dates back to the British rule. Most of the foreign travellers consider Shimla as a prime travel spot in India and especially during the winter season when this place is covered with snow, there will be  a huge flow of travellers from across the world. The scenic beauty and charm of Shimla changes during the winter, summer, autumn and spring seasons, making this place suitable for vacation travels throughout the year.

Shimla was once the summer capital of British India and since it is located at an elevation of 2,205 meters from the sea level, the place always experiences a cool and chilling climate. The cool climatic conditions has made it a popular honeymoon vacation spot in north India and a lot of young couples can be seen visiting this place during the peak tourism periods. Shimla is noted for its  hilly terrain and  dense evergreen forests that covers the place. Shimla becomes more beautiful and worth watching during the spring and autumn seasons and during this time the places is also not too much crowded.

Once you reach Shimla, it is for sure that you will never feel bored as there will be a lot of unique travel attractions to be explore and the fact is that you will never get enough time to cover and experience all the travel attractions in  a single trip. Some of the major travel attractions in Shimla that are worth watching include The Mall, Chadwick Falls, Jakhu Temple, Jakhoo Hill, Dorje Drag Monastery, The Ridge, Lower Bazaar, Christ Church, Viceregal Lodge, Hip Hip Hurray Amusement Park, Shimla Water Catchment Sanctuary, Tara Devi temple, State Museum and Sankat Mochan.


During the winter seasons Shimla will be covered with snow which adds more beauty to its amazing landscape and the sight of the hills in Shimla covered with snow during the winter season is a sight to behold. There are a lot of travel activities that you can do in different seasons and some of the popular travel activities in Shimla include leisure walks, zoo visit, trekking, ice skating, shopping, dining and sightseeing. Apart from being a popular travel destination, Shimla has also earned its reputation as the best honeymoon vacation destination in north India and you can see a lot of young couples visiting Shimla to enjoy their honeymoon.


One of the major striking feature of Shimla as a travel destination is the availability of a wide range of hotels, resorts and lodges that can suit any type of budget. There are luxury, budget as well as economic hotels, lodges and resorts that one can easily chose from.  The hotels, lodges and resorts in Shimla make sure that they provide the  best accommodation facilities for the tourist. Most of the accommodation facilities are situated on the most scenic places of Shimla, so that travellers can enjoy the beauty of the hills and snow that are the landmark of Shimla.


Shimla has an airport at Jubbarhatti which is 22 km away and this is very much helpful for travellers planning to reach Shimla by air.  You can also take a mountain train trip from Kalka to Shimla and this railway track has been recently awarded the status of  UNESCO World Heritage Site. The mountain train trip from Kalka to Shimla passes through 103 tunnels and provides an amazing view of the surroundings. You can also reach Shimla by road, as this place is well connected to the other major north Indian cities by road.

So if you are planning for a honeymoon trip, family vacation trip or a leisure trip to Shimla, you better do it at the earliest. You can indeed take assistance from any of the reputed travel tour operators who can really guide you in making your trip to Shimla a memorable one.

Travel to Nainital for a Memorable Vacation Experience

Nanital is a great tourist destination in the Indian state of Uttarakhand and is also a beautiful hill station which is located in the Kumaon foothills of the outer Himalayas. The Nanital hill station is located at an altitude of 2,084 meters above sea level which give a cool climate throughout the year. The city of Nainital is set in a
valley that contains a pear shaped lake and surrounded by three different mountains. The three different mountains that surround Nainital are Naina which is situated north of Nainital, Deopatha located on the west and Ayarpatha on the south. Nainital is one of the most popular and traditional hill station destinations in north India and has been a center of attraction for the travellers since a long time. People from different age groups and different countries visit Nainital to enjoy its mesmerising beauty and cool climatic conditions.

Best 5 Honeymoon Destinations in North India

North India is home to some of the most amazing and exotic travel destinations in India and holds a prominent place in the tourism industry of India. When it comes to choosing a honeymoon destination in North India, you will not run out of options as there are a number of perfect honeymoon destinations that can provide an everlasting memory for everyone.  The romantic destinations of North India have gained sufficient prominence as the major travel attractions in India and it is quite evident from the number of traveler visiting these destinations annually.

Rishikesh – The Spiritual and Adventure Destination in North India

Rishikesh is a beautiful city in the Dehradun city of Uttarakhand and is located on the banks of the Ganges River in the foothills of the great Himalayas in North India. With a population of around 102,138, it is 7th largest city and largest municipal boart of Uttarakhand State. Due to its proximity with the Himalayan mountian ranges, Rishikesh is also known as “The Gateway to the Garhwal Himalayas” and is one of the most sacred place for Hindus and a major religious center in North India. People from different parts of the world are seen coming to this sacred and spiritual travel destination in India during the peak seasons.

The Amazing Ranthambore Wildlife National Park in Rajasthan

The Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan is one of the most popular wildlife national park in India and due to its amazing and rare breed of wildlife species, this park has become one of the best wildlife tourist attraction in north India. This wildlife sanctuary is located in Sawai Madhopur district of Rajasthan and is around 130 km away from Rajasthan’s Capital City Jaipur.

Manali – The Perfect Honeymoon Destination in North India

Manali is one of the most beautiful travel destinations in Himachal Pradesh and is a hill station that is nestled in the northern end of Kullu Valley. With an altitude of2050 meters, Manali is a perfect summer destination in North India due to the pleasant climatic conditions that prevails throughout the year. The scenic beauty of Manali is something unique that can provide a enthralling experience and during the winter seasons, the place becomes more beautiful and charming for the eyes. The popularity of Manali as a hill station destination attracts a large number of travellers from different countries throughout the year.

Enjoy the Amazing Golden Triangle Circuit Tour in North India

India is an amazing land well known for the varied splendors of life and is home to a  lot of attractions to travellers from across the world. The rich cultural heritage, natural and man made wonders, amazing ancient architectures, and natural beauty makes India a perfect family holiday destination. There are a lot of famous travel places in India which attracts travellers from different parts of the world. Whether it be the south, north, east or west of India, there will be something special for travellers coming from different countries.