Travel to Cherrapunjee – The Second Wettest Place on Earth

Cherrapunjee is one of the most beautiful travel location in Meghalaya State of India and a lot of travelers visit this beautiful travel destination in East India. Cherrapunjee also holds the distinction of being the second wettest place on earth and this beautiful travel spot in Meghalaya boasts of receiving the most rainfall in a calendar year.

With an elevation of 1,484 metres (4,869 ft), Cherrapunjee is basically located on a plateau on the southern parts of the Khasi hills which faces the plains of Bangladesh. Cherrapunjee gets majority of its rainfall during the months from March to October and gets moderate rainfall during the remaining months. So  most of the time you will be experiencing a wet climate while on your trip to Cherrapunjee and this is something unique which makes Cherrapunjee a hot travel destination in East India. […]