Darjeeling Train Toy – An Amazing Nostalgic Experience

Visiting Darjeeling itself is full of fun and delights. Driving from the plains of Siliguri through the meandering roads to Darjeeling offer tourists to enjoy the lovely view of the emerald green valleys, vast stretches of the tea gardens, , cascading waterfalls, small brooks and enigmatic natural beauty. The journey of 89 kilo metres is Read more about Darjeeling Train Toy – An Amazing Nostalgic Experience[…]


Darjeeling – The Perfect Hill Station Destination in West Bengal

Darjeeling is one of the most popular travel destinations in West Bengal and is a prime hill station in India. Travelling in Darjeeling provides you an experience of walking along the memory lanes during the reign of the British Raj. This beautiful hill station in West Bengal is located in the cozy and inviting lap Read more about Darjeeling – The Perfect Hill Station Destination in West Bengal[…]

Shillong – The Unique Travel Destination in Meghalaya

Shillong, the Capital of Meghalaya is one of the most popular summer travel destinations in India and is situated at an average altitude of 4,908 feet (1,496 m) above sea level. With a population of around 143,000,  Shillong is the 330 most populous state in India and the geographical features of this beautiful city surrounded by rolling hills reminds about the European Settlers in Scotland. This similarity of Shillong with Scotland has earned her the nickname “Scotland of the East” and overall Meghalaya is also sometimes referred to as the “Scotland of the East”. The beautiful city of Shillong is also known for the large number of Khasis who are the tribal people of Meghalaya and are only seen in this part of India.


Travel to Cherrapunjee – The Second Wettest Place on Earth

Cherrapunjee is one of the most beautiful travel location in Meghalaya State of India and a lot of travelers visit this beautiful travel destination in East India. Cherrapunjee also holds the distinction of being the second wettest place on earth and this beautiful travel spot in Meghalaya boasts of receiving the most rainfall in a calendar year.

With an elevation of 1,484 metres (4,869 ft), Cherrapunjee is basically located on a plateau on the southern parts of the Khasi hills which faces the plains of Bangladesh. Cherrapunjee gets majority of its rainfall during the months from March to October and gets moderate rainfall during the remaining months. So  most of the time you will be experiencing a wet climate while on your trip to Cherrapunjee and this is something unique which makes Cherrapunjee a hot travel destination in East India. […]

Bhubaneswar – The Heritage City of Odisha

Bhubaneswar is the Capital City of Odisha (Formerly Known as Orissa) and is noted for its amazing architecture and ancient temples which makes it one of the best pilgrimage travel destination in India. Bhubaneswar is mainly a Buddhist and Hindu pilgrimage center and the presence of the ancient temples make it a religious center of Read more about Bhubaneswar – The Heritage City of Odisha[…]

Meghalaya – The Scotland of the East

Meghalaya, which is literally known as the Abode of the Clouds is one of the most beautiful travel destination in East India and is home to some of the amazing tribes such as Khasis, Jaintias and the Garos. The mountain state of Meghalaya is well known for its natural beauty which attracts a  lot of travelers throughout the year. Meghalaya is also known as “The Scotland of the East” mainly due to its elevation which is 1496 meters above the sea level. The capital of Meghalaya is Shillong, which is another major travel attraction in Meghalaya.


Patna Travel Information

Patna is the Capital city of Bihar and is the second largest city in East India. Patna holds huge historic importance and is also considered as the oldest inhabited places in the world. The city of Patna is situated on the banks of the famous river Ganges and holds the distinction of being the easiest place of starting a business as per the World Bank.

The historic importance of Patna has made is one of the major travel tour destination in East India and there are a large number of travel attractions and destinations in Patna. Apart from travel spots and destinations there are a good number of religious pilgrimage destinations spread across various places in Patna. The religious and pilgrimage travel destination include places that are closely related to Hindus, Buddhists and Jains.


Orissa – The Divine Land of East India

Orissa (now officially known as Odisha) is a state in East India which is situated along the east coast of India. Orissa is a state of much historical importance and it is evident from the remains of historical buildings and monuments. In terms of geographical size, Orissa is the ninth largest state in India and Read more about Orissa – The Divine Land of East India[…]

Bihar and its Major Travel Destinations

Bihar  is an East Indian state and is the 12th largest state as far as geographical size is considered. Bihar is also holding the 3rd position in terms of population. Bihar holds a lot of cultural and historical value and was once a centre of power and learning in the ancient times. Some of the Read more about Bihar and its Major Travel Destinations[…]

West Bengal – A Must to Visit Place in India

West Bengal is an important state in the eastern part of India and was home to some of the major historic movements and incidents in the past. The capital city of West Bengal is Kolkata (previously Calcutta) and this city was once the capital of British East India Company, before it shifted its base to Read more about West Bengal – A Must to Visit Place in India[…]

Top Travel Destinations in East India

The states in East India are yet another unique attractions in India, which has a very much diverted language, culture and landscape. The States of East India has a  lot of cultural, historical and political importance due to which they hold an amazing place among the major states in India. These states are culturally and Read more about Top Travel Destinations in East India[…]